This is a picture that Peter took with his tablet.
This is a picture that Peter took with his tablet.
He also took this picture of me. I had a good rest there at this Lookout before we turned back towards the entrance of the Park.
He also took this picture of me. I had a good rest  at this lookout before we turned back towards  the Visitor Centre.
I would have loved to see the twin falls. However I felt to walk that much further would have been too much for me.
I would have loved to see the Twin Falls. However I felt to walk that much further would have been too much for me.

In our memory sticks another walk more than forty years ago when we went all the way down to the Grotto with our children. Old age is definitely creeping up on us now. Still, we are happy to be able to walk at all and go on outings like this one. It was so rewarding for us to spend last Sunday walking up to at least the first of many lookouts. I think this is also going to stick in our memory, especially since we did take a lot of pictures. It was a Sunday, and naturally because of this there were lots and lots of walkers about, many with very happy, lively children. Everyone was overtaking us! We are used to this by now that everyone is faster than we are. At most places we go to we are usually the oldest and slowest people around.!

DIARY, Wednesday, 11th December 2013

I am  off the Hook!

I do not need blood pressure tablets anymore!

Well, this is a long story. It actually started the day I had my Carpal Tunnel Release operation.  On that day at six o’clock in the morning I was allowed a cup of tea and a very light breakfast. Then I had to wait for more than twelve hours before I could have as much as a glass of water or a cup of tea. I was told ‘nil by mouth’ before the operation, which was to last for only a short time, maybe twenty minutes. Unfortunately I was the last one on the list. Which would have been all right, if everything had gone to plan. However there were some unforeseen delays during the day, which meant my operation was postponed for many hours. I sat in the hospital waiting room, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, well into the evening, it was my turn. What a relief! A lot of precautions, needles stuck into me here, there and everywhere while I was lying on the trolley waiting to be let into the operating theatre. The anesthetist thought I was very relaxed. Then my surgeon came out to greet me. After a little while the doors opened and I was rolled into the room where the procedure was going to take place. There was some background music which I thought wasn’t soothing at all. However I didn’t complain. The surgeon must have felt that this was not my kind of music. He asked me what kind of music I liked. All I could think of saying was: Something ‘classical’. Whereupon the lovely surgeon saw to it that ‘Sound of Music’  with Julie Andrews was put on.

I had been given local anesthetics only. So I could listen to the music during the whole operation. Everything went smoothly, except as they later told me, my blood pressure went up a bit much. They advised me to see my GP (General Practitioner) about it.

To cut a long story short. I did indeed see my GP. My blood pressure went sky high that night when I saw the doctor after many hours of waiting. He did consider to put me into hospital. Luckily the blood pressure came down a bit after a little while. So the doctor let me go home. He prescribed blood pressure tablets and even valium. Peter and I did get my prescription drugs at a close by late night chemist, which delayed us getting home by another half hour. I took the blood pressure tablets as prescribed, but not the valium. I really felt relaxed enough by the time I got home and had no trouble going to sleep.

The GP had asked me to see him again the next morning so he could check on me whether I was all right. By the time I got there at 8 am, there were already eight patients in front of me. So I had to wait again. The tablets turned out not to agree with me. They made me feel sick. Eventually the doctor  organised a 24 hour blood pressure test for me. This test showed that my blood pressure was up only slightly during the day, and during my sleep it was absolutely perfect.

Yesterday I did get the marvellous news that I did not have to take the tablets anymore. The doctor said to me, on a day when I felt under a real lot of pressure, I may perhaps take a valium tablet. But not to do this too often for these tablets can be addictive.

After he said all this we wished each other a Happy Christmas and I left his office in a really great mood! 🙂

DIARY, last Days of July 2013

The GURU Coffee Lounge in Dapto Shopping Centre
The GURU Coffee Lounge in Dapto Shopping Centre

We went there early in the morning this week for a coffee break. I had been seeing a doctor in the Medical Centre across the road quite early in the morning. At 9am I had to go back to the Medical Centre for some tests.


The following day we went to Sydney to see my Prothetist at an Orthoplant Dental Laboratory who took on the immensely difficult task of making for me some new dentures. At the moment I was provided with some temporary dentures. Once I get used to them, he can create the real dentures.

After the appointment with the Prothetist (it was already my third visit to him!) Peter and I felt like going for a special treat. We chose the Lind cafe at Martin Place.


Later on we went to Hyde Park where Peter was feeding the birds with some of his muffin.RIMG0166



After our train-trip to Sydney yesterday (Wednesday) I had to go back to Dapto Medical Centre early this morning to find out about the test results. It was established there is no thrombosis, the blood test was normal too. But because I suffer from pain in my right arm, wrist and pins and needles in my right hand, some other test revealed that it has to do with a nerve strung. I did get now an appointment for next week at Southern Neurology in Wollongong. The doctors reckons all this has to do with old age. Ah, the blood test showed that I have Osteo Arthritis.

Today, Thursday, I went with Peter to Wollongong for Peter had to pick up there one of his hearing aids which had been repaired. Then we had time to go again to this beautiful cafe where we had been with Sylvia the previous Saturday. On the way we saw a few little toys. We thought it would be nice to have these toys for our three great grandchildren. So we bought the three toys.

With our little bag of gifts we entered the cafe. Surprise, surprise, we met there Monika, our daughter with Krystal, who is sixteen and Monika’s youngest daughter. It was such a beautiful surprise to see them there!








Going back to where we had our car parked, we took some pictures of MacCabe Park.




Exhaustion – Sleepiness – Stamina

I wished I had more stamina!

I get tired so easily. And at times I do get very exhausted, physically as well as mentally. Very often some kind of sleepiness overcomes me during the day because of it. If I have then the chance for a little nap, that’s wonderful!

Sometimes I feel so exhausted that I go to bed much too early in the evening, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep!

My observation is that my husband has a lot more stamina than I have. His sleeping pattern differs too: He usually sleeps for between seven to eight hours, whereas I sleep usually for only six hours, sometimes even a bit less than this.

Maybe we should have separate bedrooms so I won’t disturb him when I wake up early!

Swimming is good Exercise, but not today

These are just some of the signs at the entrance to the pool.

A balmy morning during an Australian summer. I hadn’t been to  Dapto pool for quite some time. I thought today was the day. I remembered the school swimming carnival must have been on last week. I could then definitely hear voices from the announcements on the loudspeakers, which would mean the school swimming carnival was on. I knew from experience when this was on at the beginning of each year there was no chance at all to do any swimming in one of the lanes. All the lanes would be preserved for school children. So far so good. The school carnival was over, or was it? I was to find out soon enough.

I had planned to walk the short distance to the pool. However I did get delayed. Couldn’t find my swimmers. Took me ages to find them. Had absolutely no idea where on earth they ended up after my last swim  a long, long time ago. Anyhow when I finally was dressed in my swimmers ready to walk to the pool, the sun had been out for a while already. The temperature was approaching 27 C (80 F). Peter suggested he was to drive me to the pool, pointing out it was already a bit too hot for me to be walking all the way.

Gee, I was very relieved Peter had offered to drive me. When we arrived at the swimming center the parking lot was packed full. So many cars  on a weekday morning! This could only mean there was another swimming competition on. I took my camera out of the car and went to check. The swimming competition seemed to be well on its way. I took a few pictures and then when straight away back home with Peter who had been waiting for me.

Not only the car-park but also the street was packed full.
Not only the car-park but also the street was packed full.
Peter placed himself here to wait for me in the car.
Peter placed himself here to wait for me in the car.

I passed the outside wall of the building on the way to the entrance and noticed some beautiful paintings on the wall which I had not seen before. (This showed to me for how long I had not been this way!) So I took the opportunity to shoot some pictures.









The kiosk near the entrance was in business already.



A quick glance at the large pool and I was gone.



Another Friend gone

This is about an elderly couple, both born in 1933, just a few months older than Peter is and I am. We’ve known them for ages. When we moved, we lost touch for a while. Then we found out they had moved too. It turned out they lived not far away from where we lived. Indeed, what a surprise this was! They had moved into a very beautiful new home in a village for the elderly. From then on we started seeing each other about once a month for coffee and cake and a few games of Rummy. They always enjoyed playing this game with us. We had some good times together. Both of them suffered some ill-health; we thought the husband more so than the wife. We couldn’t see them for quite some time because the husband apparently was in a bad way, so the wife said on the phone not to come and visit. Should we have made an effort to see them anyway? Instead, I always waited for them to tell us when we could see them again. I wrote them a Christmas card. They knew that we had gone overseas for a while and that one of our daughters had died shortly before we left. So I wrote in the card a bit about our overseas trip and that we were now back home again. When we didn’t hear from them, I should have made a phone-call finding out how they were. But I didn’t ring. Why do I tend to put off phone-calls like this?

Then, yesterday, we got a phone-call from one of their sons. “Mum died last Friday,” he said. I thought I hadn’t heard right. “Did you say your Mum died?” I asked. He confirmed it and explained the funeral service would be on Friday at 11 o’clock at the Catholic Church in Dapto with the funeral procession going to the Memorial Park in Dapto after the service. And he said all the details were in the Illawarra Mercury if we wanted to have a look. “How’s your Dad?” I asked. His response was that he’s very shocked. But the family is with him. They are of Dutch origin and have a large family in Australia and overseas.