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Palm Sunday morning was a glorious morning for me. A few minutes after seven o’clock, when the sun had just started coming up a bit, I slowly walked to the church carrying my piece of palm which Peter had cut off for me from our palm tree. I arrived at 7,30. People were already walking towards an outside table where the priest started blessing the palms. After a few minutes everyone assembled in the church for the Palm Sunday mass.

During mass the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Luke was read. Some parts were read by a narrator, then there were other parts being read by a different person; in bold types was printed out on the overhead screen what the crowd (the congregation) had to read, and Father read the part of Jesus.

Towards the end Jesus said: Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.
And the narrator said: With these words he breathed his last.

4 thoughts on “PALM SUNDAY

    1. Thanks for commenting, dear IT, I hope during the Easter break you’ll be able to make some quality time with your family. Best Wishes for a HAPPY EASTER!

  1. We have a priest, Pat,,who’s always coming up with new ideas how to beautify the church and its surrounds. His enthusiasm is uplifting. On Good Friday there were Hot-cross buns for everyone who participated in walking to the fourteen Stations. However I didn’t stay for refreshments. Instead Peter came to pick me up.

    I must admit, Pat, I opted our from going to Saturday’s Vigil because we had visitors. Even on Easter Sunday morning I didn’t make it. It was a lovely Easter anyway with all the visitors we had.

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