Car Hire


We hired a car in Wollongong for a period of twelve days. The first day Peter took the car for a test drive along the coast North of Wollongong.



Via the Sea Cliff Bridge we went as far as Bald Hill.


The hang gliding hadn’t started yet on that day. There were already signs out that it would start soon.





From here you can see where we had come up along the Sea Cliff Bridge. We also had a brief stop near that little beach.


Along here you can walk to that little beach. We had stopped our car nearby.


We soon felt hungry and wanted to go some where for lunch. We actually did find a very nice place at the top of the escarpment where we had a lovely meal. We also took heaps of pictures from up there. I am going to publish some of these in my next post.

12 thoughts on “Car Hire

  1. Oh, Cath, this is a magnificent view from up there. A very popular spot for tourists to stop. I felt a bit like a tourist myself that day, even though we were only one hour’s drive away from home!

  2. Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag liebe auntyuta ich bin zur Zeit an der Ahr etwas Winterspeck ablaufen wollen bis nächsten Donnerstag bleiben dann gehts wieder nach Köln.Schöne Fotos da möchte ich jetzt auch gerne sein.Wünsche dir schnell ein schönes Wochenende dann geht es wieder Wandern.Lieber Gruß Gislinde

    1. Wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit beim Laufen an der Ahr, liebe Gislinde.
      Ja, wir wohnen hier in einer schönen Gegend. Habe gerade noch geschrieben wo wir an dem Tag Lunch machten, d.h. ich habe einen Blog mit Bildern davon veröffentlicht. Das war auch ein sehr schöner Platz wo man von oben auf die ganze Küste herunter blicken konnte. Liebe Grüsse, Uta.

  3. I would certainly enjoy this wonderful road trip! What a view! Your photos are excellent, but there is no way to take a photo that actually conveys the sound of the surf and feel of the ocean breeze, is there! 🙂 Gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Debra. We travelled close by the sea along what’s called ‘Grand Pacific Drive’. Whenever we travel this way I’m always amazed how beautiful it is. But going up the escarpment and having a view from the top of the escarpment is marvellous too!

    1. A place like this, Noeleen, definitely keeps the spirits up. If you look down you see the Sea Cliff Bridge. In Peter’s post which I just reblogged you can see this bridge also. This Sea Cliff Bridge is of course not very near to the airport where we had lunch today. But it fits beautiful into Peter’s fictional story. You can see that Peter was inspired by all the comings and goings on that beautiful little airport called “Illawarra Regional Airport’ (close to the Princes Hwy and the Illawarra Hwy). You can find it in one of the maps here in this post;
      To get to Coalcliff near the Sea Cliff Bridge you travel along the Grand Pacific Drive. The airport is south of Wollongong, whereas Coalcliff is north of Wollongong.

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