Lunch was really what they call breakfast.

I ordered just scones and tea.I ordered just scones and tea.


Peter gave me some of his ‘breakfast’ and I shared my scones with him.


The meal was completely satisfying. We didn’t feel like eating any more even though there was a good selection of cakes available.


This lunch was taking place on the day we picked up our hired car in Wollongong. Then we went for a drive up north along the coast till Bald Hill where you have this marvellous view across the ocean. From Bald Hill we went up to the escarpment and found this beaut cafe for our lunch.







11 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Oh Aunty Uta, I can’t go past the scones jam & cream!!!! I WANT TO BITE INTO THEM!!

    Love seeing what you’re up to 🙂 Looks wonderful, free…

    1. Oh, I always love the fresh cream with the scones! It’s a real treat, isn’t it? Imagine, this wonderful free trip happened on Tuesday, 9th April, the day before we left on our big trip through the outback. We travelled for two days (Wed/Thu), Friday we stayed in Mildura and Sat afternoon we arrived in Essendon (Melbourne).
      I loved all this travelling, because we travelled in a good car and had everything well planned with sufficient rest breaks in between.

    1. Yes, Inigo, you can get a beautiful view from that escarpment up there. The ‘Cliffhanger’ Cafe was a good spot to have lunch. Very nice food and service too.

    1. I loved this travelling around in our area before we left on our big trip to the outback of NSW and Victoria. The scones were lovely, Emu. I reckon Devonshire Tea is a great tradition! I would highly recommend this Bulli Lookout Cliffhanger Cafe. It’s really great for a stop.
      After having been to the Bald Hill lookout at the coast and then up the escarpment to the Bulli Lookout we were heading home to prepare for our departure early the following morning. Thanks for commenting, Emu. Hope you and Ana had a lovely weekend.

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