We had wonderful sunshine yesterday at the Illawarra Regional Airport. For our lunch Peter and I as well as Tilde and Klaus had been sitting inside in the restaurant . We decided for coffee we would be sitting outside and maybe try some plane spotting.


We are so lucky: Today, Sunday, we have great sunshine again. Perfectly blue sky and pleasantly warm air. It feels like Indian summer or as they say in Germany “Alt Weiber Sommer” (summer of old women!) It’s late afternoon now and the temperature in the shade is still 26 Celsius. Simply wonderful for this time of the year.



We spent more than three hours yesterday at the airport restaurant. For coffee after lunch we had a really good time sitting outside in the sunshine. Nobody wanted to leave the place. The sun felt so good! We decided in about a month’s time the four of us would meet again for lunch at this restaurant. It’s always great to meet old friends again. We’ve known them since 1959. We came on the same boat together from Germany to Australia.


For good measure I took this picture of the opening hours as well as their website.


And yes, we were able to spot quite a few planes that were coming and going for joy flights with some lucky passengers up and away into the blue sky.




2 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Sounds like a lovely day out – old friends who have shared so much of your lives are a treasure, I’m so glad for you that you will be meeting up regularly.

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