A beautiful Day

It was great to see Baby Lucas on Mothers Day!

RIMG0847 (2)

We saw ten family members, including Baby Lucas, for lunch on Mothers Day. Baby Lucas got all the attention. He is a little darling. Everyone loves him so much. He was surrounded by three aunties, one great-aunt, one uncle, one grandma, one great-grandma (that’s me!), one great grandpa, and of course his proud parents.

We went to our favourite Thai/Chinese Restaurant. The place was packed full for Mothers Day. However daughter Monika had booked a large table for us ahead of time. All of us were very comfortably sitting around a large round table. For Lucas a Baby chair was provided. He sat in his chair only to have a drink and a banana. I was surprised how well he was able to eat the banana out of his hand!

We all had plenty to eat for lunch. I always love rice and vegetables with a spicy Thai sauce and Chinese tea. As entree we all had some spring-rolls. For afternoon coffee and cake the family came to our place. I liked all this very much. My daughters gave me some beautiful gifts for my skin and for smelling nice! My son rang me from Melbourne later on in the evening. For afternoon coffee one son-in-law did bring along his mother as well as the mother of his deceased wife. The conversation around the table was quite animated. The other son-in-law arrived a bit later from Sydney after he had seen his mother. Ebony, the mother of Lucas, went after lunch with Baby Lucas to see her mother and therefore did not come to our place for coffee.

Everyone loved the cheese-cake that Peter had baked for Mothers Day. It was great to see so many family members in the one day. I feel blessed that Mothers Day had been made so special for me. And I greatly enjoyed seeing daughter Monika surrounded by all her five children plus Lucas, her first and so far only grandchild.

Daughter Caroline stayed with Matthew overnight at our place. We are always very happy when they can make the time to stay overnight. Caroline spoiled us by cooking an excellent supper and breakfast in the morning. After breakfast Peter took them to the train-station. They apologized that they couldn’t stay a bit longer but they have a busy week ahead of them.

I greatly enjoyed the breakfast that Caroline cooked for us.
I greatly enjoyed the breakfast that Caroline cooked for us.

17 thoughts on “A beautiful Day

  1. Thanks for commenting, Berlioz. Our son’s two grand-daughters, they are very lovely too. I think we’re very blessed that we can experience great-grandchildren. How much longer is it going to last? Who knows? But I think for as long as we can still enjoy these family get togethers we have really nothing to complain about.

  2. What a beautiful mothers day you have had Auntyuta, surrounded by all the family with so much love and enjoyment being a family. A beautiful baby Lucas.
    Ian aka Emu

    1. Thank you, dear IT! Yes, it’s always great when there’s an opportunity to see a lot of family members. In our family these opportunities come along only a few times a year because the younger people are constantly busy with work and their own family and social life. So gatherings like the one on Mothers Day are really precious and memorable.

    1. So precious, Mary-Ann. We had an extra treat this week when our younger daughter made another trip from Sydney to our place to see her Dad for his birthday!

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