A beautiful Day

This is what I published ten years ago!


It was great to see Baby Lucas on Mothers Day!

RIMG0847 (2)

We saw ten family members, including Baby Lucas, for lunch on Mothers Day. Baby Lucas got all the attention. He is a little darling. Everyone loves him so much. He was surrounded by three aunties, one great-aunt, one uncle, one grandma, one great-grandma (that’s me!), one great grandpa, and of course his proud parents.

We went to our favourite Thai/Chinese Restaurant. The place was packed full for Mothers Day. However daughter Monika had booked a large table for us ahead of time. All of us were very comfortably sitting around a large round table. For Lucas a Baby chair was provided. He sat in his chair only to have a drink and a banana. I was surprised how well he was able to eat the banana out of his hand!

We all had plenty to eat for lunch. I always…

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10 thoughts on “A beautiful Day

    1. Arun, my very extended family gathered on Sunday, the 14th, for lunch on Mother’s Day, at a Bowling Club. I had a few hours of great pleasure followed by extensive pain at nighttime.This is some pain I had to have. I welcome it! 🙂

      1. Old age has its ups and downs, Arun.
        But I feel okay now. I’m glad that I can still look after myself.
        Living on my own at my own pace has its advantages.
        Thank you so much for your response, Arun! 🙂
        I always love to hear from you.
        ❤🤗 🥰

    1. Yes Jan, we had a great family lunch on mother’s day. Lucas was there, plus three more younger great-grandkids of mine, that is they were the grandchildren of my daughter Monika. Bothe my daughters were there. My son gave me a call from his home in Victoria early in the morning. ☺
      Have a very good mother’s day too, dear Jan. ☺
      Love, Uta ❤

  1. What wonderful memories! 🙂
    Time sure flies! The babies grow up!
    Happiness to Lucas!
    Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you and all the moms in your family and life!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️

  2. Yes, Carolyn, besides Lucas there were 3 more younger children there for our lunch on mother’s day, that is, all of them are daughter Monika’s grandchildren! Monika’s 3 daughters were there, one of them being there with her husband and being highly pregnant with her third child! Monika’s twin sons were also there with their spouses, one of them the mother of Lucas and Alexander. Monika’s partner was there with his mother and the mother of his deceased wife. Also Tiana,the partner’s daughter, was there with her brother. Tiana’s mother had died when she was still very young. I was there with Caroline, my younger daughter, and with Matthew, her husband. (Matthew’s mother died last year.)
    Monika had booked tables for lunch at a Bowling Club for twenty people!
    So, all in all, it was quite a huge gathering with my extended family. 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you too, dear Carolyn!
    HUGS from Uta 🤗❤❤ 🌹 🍰

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