About Me, Uta

“You’re so vain. You probably think Nan Tien Temple is about you.”

This is the message I just received from wordpress.  And they are right, aren’t they? I am so vain that I think Nan Tien Temple is about me! It certainly is. Did you notice the little photo where I am just about to push this thing to make the Gratitude Bell go off? Well, this is about me!

As I did make the bell sound across the landscape I was thinking of my parents and all my ancestors. What a marvellous journey I’ve had to come to this bell on such a beautiful Day as we experienced yesterday.

2 thoughts on “About Me, Uta

  1. A well worth visit to the temple Auntyuta, seems like you found some happiness and contentment, and the wonderful experience of ringing the bell, while contemplating on your ancestry.

    1. Happiness and contentment, yes, Ian, this is about it. I have such a mixture of ancestors. But they all played their part in creating me, didn’t they? I am very grateful!

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