Diary, Autumn 2013

Beautiful Illawarra in Autumn
Beautiful Illawarra in Autumn

This picture was taken on Sunday, 26th May. We took lots of pictures walking around the grounds of the Nan Tien Temple. The view across to the escarpment was excellent on this crisp, sunny autumn day.









Off and on we heard the sound of a bell. And then we saw this sign pointing to a walkway up the hill. Peter was straight away keen on going up there. He asked me: ‘Can you make it up there?’ I assured him I could. I didn’t regret it that I walked all the way up to the Gratitude Bell. It was a great experience to make the bell sound over the landscape. Heaps of younger people overtook us on the way up and sounded the bell before us. Others were on their way down already. Once we were up there we were soon the only ones left. We hadn’t noticed anyone walking up there a bit closer to our age. Everyone seemed to be a lot younger than we!



Today Peter announced we could go and see David tomorrow. I was so happy that we finally set a date for this visit, that’s been long overdue. Anyhow this leaves Wednesday/Thursday for us to do a bit of gardening. On Friday I’m going to have my friends coming over for our games afternoon. Last Saturday I managed to go to the pool for a bit. I wonder whether I’ll get a chance this week to do a bit of swimming. At the very least I want to fit in a bit of walking again, also the exercise class from 12 to one o’clock on Thursday.

10 thoughts on “Diary, Autumn 2013

  1. Gratitude Bell – what a beautiful idea! And it’s encouraging that young people sound it.So often, when we are young, we are too busy with our own affairs to stop and feel grateful. You seem to have had a lovely outing . and such wonderful autumn colours.

    1. Yes, Cat, I think too that this Gratitude Bell is a beautiful idea. They chose a perfect site for it. It enhances the whole area. Autumn colours everywhere! Lovely sight indeed. Thanks for commenting, Cat/

    1. Too right, Ian, this was a purely delightful walk! Finally today we’re off to see David in the Aged Care Facility in Parramatta, West of Sydney. But going by car it won’t take all that long.

  2. I think I would like to find an equivalent of the gratitude bell I could put in my own garden! What a beautiful temple. I love seeing the autumn photos as we are moving right into summer. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments, dear Debra. It was a great experience to walk up to the gratitude bell. The gardens around the temple are wonderfully designed and looked after. Always worth a visit!

  3. Wünsche dir einen schönen Abend bei uns ist es jetzt 20 Uhr heute hatten wir mal wieder einen sonnigen Tag war drei Stunden Wandern.Schöne Bilder hast du gemacht der Herbst hat seine schönen Seiten und das Frühjar, ich müsste auch mal wieder was vom Leben schreiben aber habe im Moment keinen Nerv dazu,da schreibe ich lieber Gedichte.Ich wünsche dir eine schöne gesunde glückliche Woche und grüße Herzlich Gislinde

    1. Du schreibst immer sehr schöne Gedichte, liebe Gislinde. Drei Stunden wandern. Wie schön. Da konntest du den sonnigen Tag so richtig geniessen.Bei uns ist es jetzt 7,30. Will nun Frühstück machen and dann fahren wir David besucehn. Das ist so ca. ein und eine halbe Stunde mit dem Auto. Wünsche dir einen schönen Dienstag, liebe Gislinde. Herzlichen Gruss, Ute.

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