Uta at the Gratitude Bell

In Peter’s blog the picture of me at the gratitude bell is very small. So here is now an enlarged version of it:


I also had a couple of pictures with Peter at the bell. Unfortunately these pictures with Peter did get lost and I can’t show them.

4 thoughts on “Uta at the Gratitude Bell

    1. Right, Ian, the bell was heard from a long way away. Very good sound too. As I pointed out, Peter made many more lovely pictures. Some of them you can see in his post which I copied and put in my pages. At the top, where all my pages are, you find this other Nan Tien Temple post with lots more beautiful pics! So far nobody seems to have viewed this post. I invite you to go and have a look! 🙂
      Cheers, Uta.

  1. I wonder where that bell was made? If it is made of bronze, can you imagine the size of the cast in which the molten bronze was cast? Even in steel, it would have been a huge job.
    Good picture Aunty.

    1. Thanks Gerard. Have you ever been to this Nan Tien Temple? It’s a great tourist attraction. I’m sure you and your wife wouldn’t regret an excursion to this place. It’s really not very far from Sydney! The surrounding gardens are really beautiful at any time of the year. Mondays the place is closed. So don’t go there on a Monday.

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