Leipziger Schauspielhaus

Leipziger Schauspielhaus Sophienbstrasse 17 - 19

Sophienstrasse 20



The “Leipziger Schauspielhaus”  was a private theater in the southern part of Leipzig, Germany. This theater was situated in Sophienstrasse 17 – 19.  Sophienstrasse is now named Shakespearestrasse. During a bomb raid on 4th December 1943 the theater building was totally destroyed and has never been rebuilt.

For me it was interesting to find in the Wikipedia the above pictures and information about this particular theater. The house adjoining the theater is of special interest to me. This was  Sophienstrasse  20. It was the house my mother grew up in. This house was completely destroyed in a bomb raid in April 1945 while we, that is Mum, my two brothers and I, were there staying with my grandmother and cousin Renate.

Mum told us again and again that at the age of fourteen she did get a part as an extra. She played a page boy in a production of the famous Leipziger Schauspielhaus.. Being part of a theater production she found immensely exciting.

The above pictures are from 1906.  Mum’s sister Ilse was born in 1907 and Mum was born in 1911. Mum had another older sister and an older brother.

“Am 11. Oktober 1874 fand die Eröffnung unter dem Namen Carl-Theater statt. Hartmann nannte die Spielstätte Leipziger Schauspielhaus und eröffnete es am 10. September 1902.”

The theater was opened on 11th October 1874 under the name ‘Carl Theater’.  A bit later it was called ‘Carola Theater’. Around the turn of the century it was closed for a while. It was named ‘Leipziger Schauspielhaus’ by Anton Hartmann when he opened it on 10th September 1902.

4 thoughts on “Leipziger Schauspielhaus

  1. What a fantastic recollection Auntyuta, to imagine your mum had a role in a play, in that great majestic theatre.
    You have a great vivid memory my friend and well worth recording, sad that so many culture and arts places were lost during the war.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ian. I really didn’t know much about the history of this theater. Reading up on its history in the Wikipedia I found out. that it had actually fallen on hard times early on during the Nazi years.
      After the war a new ‘Leipziger Schauspielhaus’ was built but not in Sophienstrasse but somewhere else in Leipzig. When you google Shakesspearestrasse (what used to be Sophienstrasse) you can see that the place where the Schauspielhaus had been (including the place where the apartment building no. 20 had been) is totally built up with completely new apartment buildings.

  2. We currently live in in the house on the opposite site of the street (Shakespeare Street 24).
    The place where the Schauspielhaus was located is a gap until today.

    1. Hallo Jens:
      Mein Mann und ich sahen heute in der Deutschen Welle ein Programm über Leipzig. Ich hatte vergessen, wie die Sophienstrasse jetzt heisst und suchte nach dem Blog über Leipzig wo dies erwähnt wurde. Ich fand den obigen Blog und auch den obigen comment. Es tut mir leid, dass ich mich nicht eher gemeldet habe und danke ihnen noch sehr für ihre Information. Wir leben ja in Australien und sind beide schon über 80. Aber es besteht die Möglichkeit, dass wir – vielleicht nächtes Jahr – noch einmal nach Deutschland fliegen können. Peter, mein Mann, fand einen Hinweis, dass da in der Shakespeare Str. eine schöne Ferienwohnung zu vermieten ist. Mein Bruder Peter und seine Frau, sowie mein Mann und ich könnten uns da eventuall für eine Woche einmieten. Wir finden es gibt viele interessante Dine in Leipzig zu besichtigen, und wir würden acuh gern herausrfinden wie die ehemalige Sophienstr. jetzt aussieht! Viele Grüsse aus Australien von Ute und Peter 🙂

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