Frolicking around Sydney

Peter and I stayed in an apartment at Darling Harbour. To frolic around Sydney’s Darling Harbour was quite exciting. It was my 82nd birthday. At nighttime we strolled to an Italian restaurant and had a three course meal there with a glass of red wine. There was also some beautiful music to entertain us. We liked that very much. The food and the wine were very much to our liking as well. So we had a lovely evening. After the meal it was only a short walk back to our apartment.



Berlin in 26 Days from the 4th to the 30th of June 2016

This Berlin visit was a true family event for  Peter and me. I would like to tell about the 26 days in Berlin in three different parts. First there were 8 days with Martin, Caroline and Matthew, then 9 days spent just with Martin and the last 9 days in Berlin we saw a lot of Monika and her family who came  to visit Berlin from the 21st to the 30th of June.

When we arrived in Berlin on Saturday, the 4th of June, we were five adults from Australia, and we were renting a three bedroom apartment in Rubensstrasse, Berlin-Friedenau. Our rented apartment was just great, very spacious and well equipped.

The other family group from Australia had booked an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg which is a bit North-East from the centre of Berlin, whereas Friedenau is South of Berlin’s centre. Monika’s group stayed in Berlin for 9 days after already having visited London, Paris and Zuerich. On Thursday, the 30th of June, they travelled back to London to stay there for another four nights and then to fly back to Sydney, Australia.

Thursday, the 9th of June was my brother Bodo’s 78th birthday. Peter, Martin, Matthew and Caroline went on that day to Kreuzberg (Cross-Mountain). Peter wanted to show them the place where he had grown up. My brother Peter Uwe came to go with me to visit Bodo.

Bodo is being looked after in a home for the Aged.


We walked along here to get to the home where Bodo lives.

This place, a Memorial for the Berlin Wall, is not far from where Bodo lives.
Peter Uwe and Bodo
Uta and Bodo
Charlotte mit ihren drei Kindern 1948
Mum with Bodo, Uta and Peter Uwe in 1948

Below a few pictures I took one morning in our apartment. Matthew is in the background, Martin is on the left, and Caroline and Peter on the right.






Pentecost Sunday, 2016

German Club, Wollongong
German Club, Wollongong

Today we went to the German Club for lunch. Since Peter’s birthday is tomorrow, which is a working day in Australia, we celebrated with the family already today. Peter took some photos of some of the family. We were a dozen people and had booked a table for our lunch. Every one was very happy with their Mittagessen, meaning we could all order whatever we liked. There was some dance music from the 1950s that Peter and I liked very much. We even had a little dance! Lucas and Alex, our great-grandchildren, enjoyed themselves too. It is great that children are so welcome at this club.

2016-05-15 12.37.58

2016-05-15 13.13.38

2016-05-15 12.37.52

Uta’s Diary

We are close to the end of August 2014. A lot has happened the past few weeks. The best thing that happened was our family reunion at Sussex Inlet. It was only for a weekend, but it was a great success. I already published several blogs about this beautiful weekend.

The weeks after, right up to today, we had much, much rain. There was hardly any sunshine. When the sun came out a bit, it felt rather warm. But the rest of the time we had to cope with rather cold temperatures. From 1st of September on we are supposed to have spring. I hope it is going to be much sunnier and warmer then. Yes, I am looking forward to September.

It is only about three more weeks till my 80th birthday. This is really a milestone, isn’t it? Maybe it is about time for me to learn to slow down at all times. I find it is so much better for my health if I do everything slowly. This includes the way I eat my food. I usually take a lot of care these days to chew my food slowly. And this includes very soft food too! I feel it is very good for me when I take the time to do this.

On Sunday, September 7th, it is Fathers’ Day in Australia. We expect some family visit on that day. Of course, we are looking forward to this. We are also looking forward to some addition to the family.

Last Monday we went to a funeral. Our granddaughters’ paternal grandmother had died after a long sickness. May she rest in peace. We knew her quite well. She always was a very friendly and very brave woman.

I am still thinking back a lot to that day when we had this lovely walk first through the bush and then along Bherwerre Beach. We were very lucky with the weather on that Saturday morning for we did have quite a bit of sunshine. The following morning some very wet kangaroos appeared at our camp. It was raining!

Here again some pictures from our holiday weekend in August.

On Sunday he did get to see some kangaroos.
On Sunday he did get to see some kangaroos.



Little Lucas, soon you are going to have a little brother or sister!
Little Lucas, soon you are going to have a little brother or sister!

Monika’s Birthday

Today, on the 5th December, is Monika’s birthday. She invited us for afternoon coffee and cake. Monika’s daughter Krystal baked a beautiful chocolate cake which Monika filled with lovely jam and fresh cream and decorated the top with grated chocolate and cherries. It turned out to be the most delicious Black Forest Cake! RIMG0836

Ebony arrives with Lucas
Ebony arrives with Lucas

RIMG0825 RIMG0828

Lucas with his Grandma Monika
Lucas with his Grandma Monika
Tiana  as well as Krystal and Lucas
Tiana as well as Krystal and Lucas


Lucas with his Mum
Lucas with his Mum


We're getting ready to have Coffee and Cake
We’re getting ready to have Coffee and Cake

RIMG0839 RIMG0840

A port city in northeastern Sicily on the Strait of Messina


This is where Matthew and Caroline took us yesterday: Gelato de Messina! Homemade on the premises.
This is where Matthew and Caroline took us yesterday: Gelato de Messina! Homemade on the premises.

This shop was in Victoria Street in Sydney. Darlinghurst Road was right next to it.

Matthew and Caroline discuss where to go to next.
Matthew and Caroline discuss where to go to next.

It was Matthew’s birthday. We had given him a large chopping board as a birthday gift. This is why Matthew is carrying this large bag.