Resume of AnnaMaria’s Father, another Reblog


Jorge L. Oyola


Extensive Experience in the Day to Day Operations Managing Integrated Logistics Support including, Supervising, Training and Delegating Operations.  Capable in Establishing New Client, Managing Vendors Relationships, Negotiating, Administrating Contracts, Deliverables, Work Orders, Controlling Costs and Improving Efficiencies.


  • 33 Years of Customer Relations with Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Project Sales Manager, Point of Sales Retail Manager
  • 3 Years of Human Resource Personnel Activities Involving Updating, Migration, Filtering and Tracking Enlisted Personnel Classified Data.
  • 13 Years with The U.S. Army Managing 10 Classes of Supply      Involving The Integration of Information, Transportation, Inventory,      Warehousing, Material Handling, Packaging, Distribution and Security
  • 8 Years of Physical Training Instructor


  • Resolved Customer Complaints, Applied Diplomacy and Followed Up with All Customers Request
  • Maintained Extensive Financial Records, Equipment Purchasing, Budget Monitoring, Fund Allocations, Contract Review, and Financial Disbursements
  • Initiated/Closed Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss and Accountability Reports
  • Trained, Managed 30+ Personnel In Leadership Development and Career Progression
  • Managed Inventory Monthly, Quarterly Expense Budgets In Excess of $1,500,000 With 100% Accountability
  • Human Resources Operations, Personnel Actions, Retirement Benefits, Career Changes, Leave and Earnings
  • Monthly Inventory of  Durable/Expendable Property to include HAZMAT with Zero Losses Total Value $50M+
  • Maintained Accurate Filing System In Accordance with Required Policy and Procedures
  • Point of Sales Close Out, Bank Deposits, Credit Card Reconciliations and Record Keeping Annual Sales of 34M+
  • Established and Maintained Client Relations with Invoices, Customer Support, Upgrades, Product Presentation, Marketing and Day to Day Operations in Reselling Mobile Wireless Product/Services in the Tri-State Area
  • Customer Relations, Employees Scheduling, Cross Training, Mentoring, Established Team and Support
  • Conducted Quarterly Training Seminars for 25-30 Employees In Sexual Harassment, Alcohol and Drug Safety, Driver Safety Course, Driving Under The Influence, Supply Operations, and Supervisory Mentorship Training


  • 2011-2012         Senior Logistics Manager
  • 2009-2011         Human Resources Manager
  • 1999-2009         Logistics/Operation Manager
  • 1985-1987         Independent Reseller Agent PageNet
  • 1981-1997         Retail/Supermarket Assistant Manager


  • 2013             Kansas State Life Heath and Life Certification
  • 2009             Army Records Information Management System
  • 2009             Human Resources Certification
  • 2006             Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)
  • 2003             Primary Leadership Course
  • 2002             Field Sanitation Certification
  • 2002             Certified Warrior Tae Kwon Do Instructor
  • 2000             Unit  Armorer Certificate
  • 1999             Logistical Support Certification
  • 1979-1983    Park East High School, 230-34 EAST 105 ST.


Microsoft Office (Excel, Power Point, Word, Out Look), PBUSE (Army’s Web-Based Property Accountability System), Bilingual Spanish/English

Home: 3142 Lundin Dr., Manhattan, KS 66503/785.320.3655/

Donation Web Site:


Peter and I just watched the follow-up of Chris Master’s documentary on the Great Depession in Australia before WW II. It is so very upsetting when people have no right to work and are being evicted because they can’t pay their rent.

Today I already did another reblogging about the father’s letter to his little daughter. Can anyone understand why this American citizen presumably doesn’t get help from anywhere? How is this possible? I mean it’s not the 1930s any more, is it?

6 thoughts on “Resume of AnnaMaria’s Father, another Reblog

    1. Hallo, liebe Gislinde, du hast recht, dies ist doch irgenwie seltsam. Es ist schwierig sich ein Urteil zu erlauben, wenn man die Verhältnisse in Amerika nicht so genau kennt. Bei uns ist jetzt Montag morgen und es ist sehr kalt. Aber stell dir vor, wir haben jetzt endlich herrlichen Sonnenschein und ich bin gleich etwas draussen spazieren gegangen.
      Liebe Grüsse aus Australien, Uta.

  1. Our country just keep regressing politically and economically. If we aren’t back to the 30’s we are close. I think people were kinder to each other then, though I wasn’t around, so I don’t know.

    And then again…we all worry about being scammed, because that happens too.

  2. There appears to be something wrong here, I hope I am wrong but the resume shows someone who is extremely qualified for any job, FBI, high government positions, corporate management,local, state and federal government bodies, with commendations for military service as well, and now unemployed and homeless ?????.
    The resume is well written and would appeal to any employer except for one thing.
    The applicant has been overtrained and appears to be overqualified.
    Scammers find new ways to work, including through wordpress, I have had people who want to follow my sites and when I check them out I find they are cruising my wordpress friends and becoming friends, even by just one visit as happened in this case. You then find their space is purely for exploitation of vulnerable people, even down to heartbreaking storys with children.
    I hope my hypothesis is wrong.

    1. I hope so too, Ian. I thank you very much for taking the time to read all this and follow on with a comment about your impressions. It would really be great to see Jorge L. Oyola get some employment if all this what appears in his resume turns out to be true.

      “Sorry, Jorge, if you should read this I can only say I hope that everything you tell us bloggers is the truth. In this case I can only pray that you’ll be able to get some kind of a job, even if it should be a job that pays just for basic necessities. I don’t know how much you pay for rent and if there is the possibility to reduce rent costs by moving to simpler accommodation, like living in a caravan for instance.
      If all this is true then it is a truly heartbreaking story. I pray that someone finds it in their hearts to give you a job asp. I think a job is what you desperately need, not donations.
      Maybe you should go to the local employment office every day, stressing that you are willing to accept any kind of job, even a job that does not require any special qualifications. Any job is better than no job at all when there is danger you might be running out of money soon.”

      Ian, what I was just trying to say to Jorge is maybe not of much use. But praying for him is really all I can think of. I am truly sorry about this.
      Thanking you again for your response in this matter, Ian. I think there is really nothing one could do. I just hope too that it is not a scam.


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