Sunny Days

Caroline and Mama Uta
Caroline and Mama Uta sitting outside towards the end of summer

This photo was taken a few months ago when Caroline had been at our place for a visit. We were sitting behind our house for morning tea. Peter and I always love to have a cup of tea outside enjoying a beautiful sunny day in our backyard that is overgrown with trees. We just love to sit under these trees and listen to a variety of birds who usually chirp happily close by. It is such a peaceful place. We always call it our little paradise.

Caroline and Papa Peter
Caroline and Papa Peter
This is what the table looks like without the table cloth.
This is what the table looks like without the table cloth.

We are in the midst of winter now here in Australia. After a long rainy period in June, the month of July is promising to be full of sunshine. However the nights are extremely cold. All the rooms in the house are extremely cold too, not just during the night but during the day too unless we put the heaters on. We usually switch our electric heater only on in the rooms we happen to use for a while. The warmest room is usually the computer room for it is small and does not require a lot of heating to get it comfortably warm.

Outside in the sun it is much warmer today than inside. So, naturally we had morning tea as well as lunch outside.  We sat there for quite a while, absorbing the lovely sunshine and listening to the birds. How lucky we are to have such a lovely spot behind our house. As I said, we feel this is our little paradise! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Sunny Days

  1. It really is the little simple things that give quality to life – and the ability to sit quietly and peacefully and appreciate the present moment.

  2. Nice pictures and lovely garden. Sitting in the sun in the middle of winter is something of a luxury. Somehow winter-sun is better, defying and poking a nose at winter. Here the daffodils are popping up everywhere, no flowers yet but jonquils are flowering.

    1. Gerard, thank you so much for this beautiful comment! I love daffodils and jonquils. Once they’re out spring can’t be far away. 🙂

  3. So schöne Bilder liebe Freundin und ein schöner Garten sind schöne Erinnerungen.Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag heute ist was Regen an der Ahr fahren daher Morgen wieder nach Köln.Lieber Gruß und alles liebe von mir.Gislinde

    1. Wenn wir Besuch haben und das Wetter ist schön sitzen wit gern draussen mit unserem Besuch. Ja, das sind dann schöne Erinnerungen. Wenn wir Bilder gemacht haben, sehe ich mir diese auch gern immer wieder an.
      Ich weiss nicht ob wir irgend wann mal woanders hinziehen werden. Aber bis jetzt können wir immer noch unser kleines Paradies geniessen.
      Gestern abend sah ich, dass du, liebe Gislinde, wieder sehr viele neue Posts hereingebracht hast. Also dann noch weiter viel Spass beim Bloggen! Cheerio, Uta. 🙂

  4. So you are back home now?
    Surprisingly, it has been unusually warm here for winter as well – in Tasmania.
    Quite sunny most days, although raining today.

    1. Oh, Elizabeth, as far as I’m concerned, it is a very cold winter this year here in NSW. However when the sun is out it’s lovely to sit in the warm winter sun for a while. Our area had a real lot of rain during the month of June. There were not many sunny days in June this year.

      We’ve been on a trip to Victoria three months ago. We were away for two weeks only, From Wollongong (Dapto) it is about a two hour drive to Sydney, going by train. We go to Sydney quite often for the day. Occasionally we stay in Sydney overnight. But we haven’t done this for a while.

      For the next few weeks we’ll be going to Sydney quite often for I have some major dental work scheduled there.

      Cheerio and best wishes, Uta.

  5. I am sorry all this publishing I did after we returned from our overseas trip may have been a bit confusing, Elizabeth.

    We were visiting Germany for ten weeks last year between September and November. We took many, many photos. I published a few while we were over there, others I still published months after we had returned. Actually that reminds me, there are still places we visited as for instance the Bode Museum in Berlin where we took some very good photos, and somehow I didn’t make it yet to write about it or to show some of these particular photos,

    1. Right, Ian, this is what it is to us. Every time we sit out there we tell each other how much we like it. It is something we are thankful for.
      🙂 Cheers, Auntyuta

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