At the start of this writing it is still Sunday, 30th of August 2020, but close to midnight already!

Peter and I, we still enjoy good food and fresh air and sunshine! For lunch I cooked a very likable Vegetarian meal today. (I think, Peter liked it too!) It was lots of different vegies with a cheese sauce. As a desert we had sour cherries (that came in a glass from Poland!) as well as some fresh cream and custard. We also had some chilled muscat wine.

And yes, we had a most beautiful sunny day today. So, I spent a lot of time outside, meaning, for hours I was just sitting or lying down in the sun! Sometimes, I went to sleep for a bit. In the afternoon Peter joined me in the sun for a while. We each had a glass of chilled ginger beer. This was so good!

Later on we watched a German movie on television. I soon went to sleep. I also went to sleep watching the evening news. Later on I was awake for a while watching ‘Vera’. Before ‘Vera’ was finished, I went to sleep again, probably for hours. When I woke up around ten o’clock, Peter was still awake. We soon reminded ourselves that tomorrow is Monday and we have doctors’ appointments. By 8 o’clock we have to be in the Medical Centre here in Dapto. That means getting ready on time we ought to be up by 6 o’clock. Reluctantly, we both made an attempt to get ready for bed. I think it was about 11 o’clock when finally we were both lying in bed. Peter was very tired, and he soon went to sleep after having helped me along with taking my blood presure again. Actually this was once more an immense struggle for me. Just to establish a reading on the monitor was so difficult for me!

When I realised, that Peter had gone to sleep already and that I was not quite ready for sleep, I actually decided it was better for me to get up for a bit of whisky.

Well, I did have this bit of whisky, and now I am glad that I ended up having a bit of time at the computer. In the meantime, it is already a bit past midnight. Time for me to go to bed again. I am sure, I am going to have a wonderful sleep now.

Vitamin D, Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

The Vitami D Council tells you how vitamin D relates to your health.

One question and answer is:

“Can I get sun exposure and take supplements?

Yes. In fact, that is the Vitamin D Council’s recommendation. On days that you do not get enough full body sun exposure, it is important to take a supplement. For most people on the Monday-Friday indoor work schedule, that means taking a supplement 5-6 days a week and getting sun exposure on a day or two during the weekend.”

Have a look what else the Vitamin D Council recommends:


Uta’s Diary

photo 3
photo 1

photo 2

These pictures were taken by daughter Caroline this morning while we were waiting for Peter to come out of surgery. Caroline took the pictures with her phone. I had forgotten my camera. Still, I looked around taking some pictures in my mind. The tree I was touching in the above pictures looked marvellous. It was really smooth to the touch.

Peter’s cataract operation went well. After a couple of hours he was allowed to go home. It was good that Caroline could drive us. Peter has to wear his eye-patch till seven 0’clock tomorrow morning. The patch starts irritating him a lot. He keeps having the feeling that he wants to take it off. At the moment he has been lying down a bit trying to catch up on some sleep.

While we were waiting for Peter, we were able to spend a bit of time in the sun in the hospital grounds. It was a beautiful sunny morning. The older I get the more I love spending time in the sun. I have been reading lately a lot on the benefits of sunshine in connection with the need for Vitamin D. My favourite page on Vitamin D right now is this one:



Thursday, 13th March 2014

Dapto, NSW, Australia

Yesterday Peter and I spent the day in Sydney. Both of us had an appointment at a Holistic Dental Centre. Shaileshni, a Dental Hygenist, did for me a Clinical Perio Analysis & Recording as well as Removal of calculus. I explained that I could not wear my top partial dentures because they caused too much pressure on my gums which then became very sore. Shaileshni called in my dentist who after a bit of oral examining tried to adjust the dentures. All in all I had to pay close to 300 Dollars for the visit. Peter paid for his visit a similar amount. Peter did get the bad news that some of his teeth needed treatment. The estimated cost: $ 1165. Peter says this would make it hard to save up enough money for an overseas trip. But I think Peter is very reluctant to give up his plans for another trip to Berlin. He just does not want to think about it that he may not see this city ever again. Well, at least he knows just about everything that goes on in Berlin via the Internet. It is really amazing how without any problems it is possible to stay in touch with distant places like this.

Peter went in first for his dental treatment. I stayed in the waiting room and busied myself reading some very interesting literature. I was especially interested what Dr.Mercola had to say about the importance of Vitamin D and that it was best to get it via exposure to the sun. When I got home I read another article of his on website.


Keeping this in mind I made sure Peter and I had our afternoon tea out in the sun as soon as we got back home to Dapto. Later on we saw on the news that Sydney’s afternoon traffic ended in chaos because of a fire emergency on the building site at Barangaroo.

Barangaroo fire triggers Sydney CBD chaos

is the headline in today’s paper. We had been going to Sydney by train. When we boarded our return train at Sydney’s Central Station the fire had probably just started. Of course we had no way of knowing about this.

We were lucky that we could enjoy a bit of  sunshine as we got back to Dapto.  Just before I went to sleep last night it started to rain again. When I got up this morning it was still overcast, but no more rain. So far the sun has not been out yet today. I like it that it is still warm. We have not needed any heaters for a long time. During the few very hot days we just used our fans. We have no air conditioning. I believe where we live it is possible to survive quite well without it. So far so good. This may somewhat change over the years.


The Rain has stopped


The rain has stopped. This morning I had another beautiful walk along Cambridge Road. I took the same walk yesterday morning too and also the day before that! That means I’ve been walking the same route for three days in a row.

Yesterday I did not take my camera along. But today I did. I’ve been taking pics on these morning walks so often! However, I always spy something else I want to capture. I hope I don’t make it too boring for you to show you some more of the pics I took.



The area along this fence  is meant to be a public access to the creek.
The area along this fence is meant to be a public access to the creek.


This is what I see looking down from the bridge where the creek should be!
This is what I see looking down from the bridge where the creek should be!

More and more stuff grows where supposedly some time ago a creek was happily flowing along.
More and more stuff grows where supposedly some time ago a creek was happily flowing along.

When I reached Lakelands Park the sun had come out a bit.
When I reached Lakelands Park the sun had come out a bit.

Sunny Days

Caroline and Mama Uta
Caroline and Mama Uta sitting outside towards the end of summer

This photo was taken a few months ago when Caroline had been at our place for a visit. We were sitting behind our house for morning tea. Peter and I always love to have a cup of tea outside enjoying a beautiful sunny day in our backyard that is overgrown with trees. We just love to sit under these trees and listen to a variety of birds who usually chirp happily close by. It is such a peaceful place. We always call it our little paradise.

Caroline and Papa Peter
Caroline and Papa Peter

This is what the table looks like without the table cloth.
This is what the table looks like without the table cloth.

We are in the midst of winter now here in Australia. After a long rainy period in June, the month of July is promising to be full of sunshine. However the nights are extremely cold. All the rooms in the house are extremely cold too, not just during the night but during the day too unless we put the heaters on. We usually switch our electric heater only on in the rooms we happen to use for a while. The warmest room is usually the computer room for it is small and does not require a lot of heating to get it comfortably warm.

Outside in the sun it is much warmer today than inside. So, naturally we had morning tea as well as lunch outside.  We sat there for quite a while, absorbing the lovely sunshine and listening to the birds. How lucky we are to have such a lovely spot behind our house. As I said, we feel this is our little paradise! 🙂

The Gossips Coffee Lounge


Peter had to see his eye specialist Friday morning at 10,45. His appointment took more than an hour. In the meantime I had a lovely cup of coffee at the gossips Coffee Lounge.




This is a book that the author Lily Brett signed for Peter and me when we saw her in Berlin. I like to brag about it that we’ve actually seen her in person.


As Peter was driving I happened to notice this sign. So I took a picture of it. Looks like this meal is of good value!


Anyhow, we were on our way home. I was looking forward to cook a bit of lunch at home. While I was cooking lunch I also had to put a frozen cake in the oven to bake in time for my visitors who were expected to arrive at 2 pm.

The pictures tell another story about having had a perfectly blue sky again on this beautiful Friday in the Illawarra.



The potatoes had already been cooked the day before. I just had to peel them and then cut them into pieces, the same with the red onion. I fried all this in some salted butter and then added some eggs and last but not least the baby spinach pieces I still happened to have in the fridge. Just a bit of ground sea salt and pepper. Voila, lunch was finished and tasted good. At least I thought so!

My friends arrived on time and we had our games of Scrabble and Rummy, same as on every Friday. Next Friday we’re going to play at Irene’s place again. Erica won’t be playing for the next six weeks though, for she’s going on an overseas trip.

Come to think of it, we had at least three perfectly sunny days in a row, namely Friday, Saturday and Sunday! And when our daughter came to visit us at the beginning of the week the weather was just wonderful too.

Here now a few pictures with Caroline, our daughter. These pictures were taken at her last visit here. She had to go back to Sydney the following day when we took her to the Dapto train station.

We always use FREE RANGE eggs.
We always use FREE RANGE eggs.

Baby Spinach is nice in a lot of meals!
Baby Spinach is nice in a lot of meals!

Caroline and Papa Peter
Caroline and Papa Peter

Caroline and Mama Uta
Caroline and Mama Uta

Caroline cooked this for us for breakfast.
Caroline cooked this for us for breakfast.

At Dapto train station
At Dapto train station