The Twins thirty-two Years ago!

Ryan and Troy in 1981
Ryan and Troy in 1981

I finally found this picture of the twins I had been looking for. The twins are of course the two sons of our daughter Monika. And I found another lovely picture of the boys. At least I think it is lovely! I believe it is also taken in 1981

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23 thoughts on “The Twins thirty-two Years ago!

    1. Thank you, Ian, for this comment. Looking at the pictures brings back good memories. The twins were born some six months after our daughter Caroline. It was such fun to see the three of them together. The twins and ‘Aunty’ Caroline saw each other quite often when they were little. When we went on an excursion with Caroline we often would take the twins along too which was good company for Caroline. The twins were always very good kids. Their parents had every reason to be proud of them too. Now Ryan is the proud father of one year old Lucas. Troy hasn’t settled down yet. He’s still looking for the right woman. I think he has certain expectations what she should be like.
      Peter and I are very lucky to have a large extended family here in Australia. Our son has three lovely kids and two sweet granddaughters. Besides the twins daughter Monika has three lovely girls who have grown up a lot but still live at home. Monika’s new partner is a widower with a daughter close to the age of Monika’s girls. They all live together in a five bedroom house!
      Our son has three lovely kids and two sweet granddaughters. There was a lot of turbulence with the marriages of Monika and son Martin, as well as different partners over the years. Still they are all happy now and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren are all o.k. We can only be thankful for this. 🙂

    1. You are right, Munira, it was sometimes difficult to tell them apart. Yes, I was very happy when I did find the pictures for I had been looking for them everywhere for quite a while. 🙂 Cheers, Auntyuta.

  1. Wünsche dir einen schöne Abend und Danke für deinen Besuch,so schön die beiden,ich bin ja auch Oma von zwei Märchen sind auch Zwillinge sind aber beide schon 16 die Zeit vergeht viel zu schnell.Liebe autyuta habe gar nicht nachgedacht aber ist ja war bei euch ist ja Winter.Bei uns ist es sehr heiß, ich kann dir ja was Sonne schiecken Lach..Wünsche dir noch eine schöne Woche und wenn hier in Deuschland dann Winter ist dann habt ihr Sommer.Grüße dich noch lieb Gislinde

    1. Liebe Gislinde, Sonne haben wir z.Z. ‘ne ganze Menge, aber es ist trotzdem sehr kalt, vor allem wenn dann auch noch so’n schrecklich kalter Wind aufkommt. Ja, geniess die Hitze denn nicht mehr lange, dann wird es bei euch wieder kalt! Ihr habt 16 Jahre alte ‘Märchen’ Zwillinge? Ja. das ist doch toll! Unsere Zwillinge sind ja jetzt schon 34 Jahre alt, sehen aber immer noch recht gut aus. 🙂
      Recht liebe Grüsse,, Uta.

    1. I don’t know about having more time, Gerard. Maybe it is because we are already GREAT grandparents! We always seem to be running out of time! Yes, we are very lucky to have GREAT grandchildren. 🙂

  2. Oh wow :). It just blows me a way – STILL – that that moment then on the bed in their bed robes was as real as is this moment now…. but gone. Time is bizarre.

    Great photos, Aunty Uta.

    1. Thirty-two years — This is really quite a long time ago. I, the grandma, was 46 at the time. The last 32 years went very quickly for me.
      Thanks for commenting, Noeleen. 🙂

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