DIARY, last Days of July 2013

The GURU Coffee Lounge in Dapto Shopping Centre
The GURU Coffee Lounge in Dapto Shopping Centre

We went there early in the morning this week for a coffee break. I had been seeing a doctor in the Medical Centre across the road quite early in the morning. At 9am I had to go back to the Medical Centre for some tests.


The following day we went to Sydney to see my Prothetist at an Orthoplant Dental Laboratory who took on the immensely difficult task of making for me some new dentures. At the moment I was provided with some temporary dentures. Once I get used to them, he can create the real dentures.

After the appointment with the Prothetist (it was already my third visit to him!) Peter and I felt like going for a special treat. We chose the Lind cafe at Martin Place.


Later on we went to Hyde Park where Peter was feeding the birds with some of his muffin.RIMG0166



After our train-trip to Sydney yesterday (Wednesday) I had to go back to Dapto Medical Centre early this morning to find out about the test results. It was established there is no thrombosis, the blood test was normal too. But because I suffer from pain in my right arm, wrist and pins and needles in my right hand, some other test revealed that it has to do with a nerve strung. I did get now an appointment for next week at Southern Neurology in Wollongong. The doctors reckons all this has to do with old age. Ah, the blood test showed that I have Osteo Arthritis.

Today, Thursday, I went with Peter to Wollongong for Peter had to pick up there one of his hearing aids which had been repaired. Then we had time to go again to this beautiful cafe where we had been with Sylvia the previous Saturday. On the way we saw a few little toys. We thought it would be nice to have these toys for our three great grandchildren. So we bought the three toys.

With our little bag of gifts we entered the cafe. Surprise, surprise, we met there Monika, our daughter with Krystal, who is sixteen and Monika’s youngest daughter. It was such a beautiful surprise to see them there!








Going back to where we had our car parked, we took some pictures of MacCabe Park.




14 thoughts on “DIARY, last Days of July 2013

  1. Lovely trip and nice coincidence to encounter your daughter and granddaughter! Thank you, once again, for sharing your adventures. For some of us that don’t get out much, this is such a pleasant journey! LOL

  2. Liebe Uta wünsche dir einen schöne Tages oder Nachzeit wieder schön beschrieben von deiner Tochter und Enkelin,sie haben so viel erlebt,und schreiben es so schön nieder muss eine tolle Zeit gewesen sein.Wünsche dir ein gutes und schönes weekend,es ist sehr heiß in Deuschland bei euch ist ja Winder.Grüße lieb Gislinde

    1. Danke für deine Grüsse, liebe Gislinde. Hab trotz Hitze ein recht schönes Wochenende! Ja, wir haben hier in Australien Winter und es wird nachts immer sehr kalt, am Tage scheint die Sonne. Trotzden ist die Luft auch am Tage recht kühl. Liebe Grüsse, Uta.

  3. Lindt – a little bit of Switzerland in Australia! How nice to combine the less pleasant activities (doctors, dentist etc) with such pleasure.

    1. Das San Churro Cafe in Wollongong ist auch sehr schön. Es ist Spanisch und man bekommt dort tolle Schokoladen und auch Kaffee.Wishing you a great weekend, dear Cat.

  4. Happy photos…what a nice surprise to run into your daughter and granddaughter, Uta. I love the photo with feeding the birds. I see some in the picture we certainly do not see here in California. It’s always fun for me to see the birds in other places. 🙂

    1. Thanks very much for the comment, Debra. It was easy to take pictures of the birds. There were a real lot of them around Hyde Park. This park is always very popular with people on their lunch break. In winter it’s beautiful in the sun. On a hot summer day people seem to prefer a shady spot under one of the big trees.

  5. Good to know that you have no thrombosis Auntyuta,I notice with my osteoporosis I do get pinched nerves, not sure if the same thing happens with osteo arthritis, its all to do with old age Auntyuta, grin and bear it and enjoy life with a smile.

  6. I went to a dentist yesterday Aunty Uta….seems i need an implant to replace a broken molar! 😐
    Good to hear you don’t have thrombosis! And I hope you get some relief from the pain of arthritis.

    1. Thank you very much for commenting, Munira. Hope the implant is going to work all right for you.
      I have a good doctor. Next month I have to see a specialist who might have to operate on my wrist.
      Hopefully it won’t to take much longer for me to get the new dentures!

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