‘Escape from Paris’, a novel written by CAROLYN HART. The time is WW II during the German occupation of Paris. I’ve just read this novel as an e-book. I felt very much for the characters in the book. I wonder whether this story has been made into a movie yet? Americans, English, French and Germans, all of them are main characters. The writing brings vividly to life how the war affects all of them. There is so much viciousness, suffering, outright hunger being depicted, but also great love and compassion amongst some people.

I was very moved by what the experiences of people were during this time. It makes me wonder again why there have to be wars and suffering which people inflict on each other. However it also makes me believe in the goodness of people and how they sometimes put their own lives in danger to help somebody else.

CAROLYN HART is a well established author and has written many other books.

12 thoughts on “ESCAPE FROM PARIS

  1. Thanks for commenting, IT. This story goes back 70 years in time. Still, the author makes the characters come alive. To me it was a gripping story in history and how WW II shaped people’s lives at the time in Paris. There was so much horror and destruction. What people went through, how many were sacrificed, and how others survived.

  2. Liebe Ute wünsche dir einen schönen Tag wieder so eine bewegende Geschichte,ist so schön zu lesen ich hoffe es geht dir gut ich wünsche dir für heute alles Liebe von mir.Gislinde

    1. Ich danke dir recht sehr, liebe Gislinde. Muss heute zu meinem Zahnarzt in Sydney. Wir fahren mit dem Zug dort hin. Die Fahrt dauert zwei Stunden. Best wishes, Utaa

      1. haha don’t worry, no offense will be taken if you do not accept. After the fiasco of ‘The Rules’ I participated in with the acceptance of this award, I too will be hesitant in the future to accept any more awards!

        I just wanted to give you a shout out, to let you know I appreciate your posts and always enjoy reading what you write! I hope by mentioning you in my post yesterday I allowed some new people to pop over and read your blog, as it is always such a wonderful read!


  3. It’s just too crazy, isn’t it – visciousness, hunger, horribleness – and then there’s love, compassion, kindness. It really is all madness.

    Lovely review. These such stories are always valuable history to retain.

  4. Yes, I agree, stories like these in historical settings are immensely valuable. I am always interested in how people relate to each other. And war as opposed to peace, well, this is a theme you could always write about!
    I love your comment. Thanks, Noeleen. 🙂

  5. It is said, war is the father of all things. During war people really start living, not enjoying it, but experience the challenge of it. In war you are never sure whether you survive the day. Why we have wars, you asked. I think wars started when nomadic people settled down and became agriculture man. They felt they had to defend their home and their flock against the still nomadic people. You remember the story in Genesis when Adam and Eve were evicted from paradise? Of course the story is symbolic, but we humans started to change the balance of nature in which we lived. Since then we have to struggle against each other. The antidote of course is cooperation. But this is not always easy as we can’t jump over our own shadows of fear and misunderstandings.

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