RIMG0086 In April 2013 we hired a car in Wollongong for a period of twelve days. The first day Peter took the car for a test drive along the coast North of Wollongong. RIMG0085 RIMG0087 We drove across the Sea Cliff Bridge up to Bald Hill. RIMG0048 When we arrived at Bald Hill we saw some signs out that the hang gliding  would start soon. RIMG0066 RIMG0074 RIMG0069 RIMG0068 From Bald Hill we could see  the Sea Cliff Bridge. We could also see the little beach that we always see from the train on the way to Sydney. The picture below shows the sandy way that leads to that little beach. We had stopped our car nearby. RIMG0050 . RIMG0053 On that day in April 2013 we drove up the escarpment for lunch.  Near Bulli Lookout is a very nice place, called the Cliff Hanger Cafe. Yesterday I did publish a blog about this place!

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