The Eve of an Anniversary

St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney
St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney

On the eve of our anniversary we were staying with Caroline and Matthew. It was the 20th of December and turned out to be a balmy summer’s night.  It was the perfect evening to go by bus into the city and watch some Pre-Christmas celebrations near St. Mary’s Cathedral.

The bus dropped us off near Hyde Park. From there it was only a short walk through the park towards the cathedral. On the way through the park I could already hear some carol singing.  Once we were in the vicinity of the cathedral we noticed a choir had been placed right in front of the cathedral. With great joy we listened to the choir singing Christmas carols. A great many lights all around us gave a festive atmosphere. I was amazed how many people had gathered already to enjoy the singing.








After a while we discussed where we could have our supper. We soon agreed to go to a Pizza Restaurant in Darlinghurst Road. A short taxi trip took us there. We very much enjoyed our pizzas with a glass of red wine. After our meal we went across the road to the Messina Icecream Shop where we had our fill of delicious ice-cream. Very happy with the proceedings of our evening we caught a bus back to Waverly. By the time we could settle down to sleep it was already midnight. We had to get up early the following morning to pick up Martin and S from the airport.

10 thoughts on “The Eve of an Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary, Uta. And what a lovely day you seemed to have enjoyed so well. it sounds like you have company coming, so I hope the celebrations just continue. And have a wonderful Christmas–you and your wonderful family. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, dear Debra, It is true, the celebrations just continue. It’s a great family get together. 🙂
      Hoping California is going to have some pleasant weather for Christmas. Many parts of the USA seem to suffer from quite awful weather right now.
      Keep well and have a lovely Christmas!

  2. First of all , congratulations on your anniversary.
    Thank you for that tour through Hyde park, it would have been beautiful with the carols and lights. It has been many years since I was in Hyde park, I remember sleeping there after I returned from Vietnam war.
    Wishing you a beautiful day tomorrow.

    1. Thank you very much. dear Ian. Christmas Eve we were fifteen people, including seventeen months old little Lucas. This great-grandson is the joy of the whole family.
      Today we are going to be at our daughter Monika’s place.
      Christmas Greetings,
      Auntyuta 🙂

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