My first Pictures in 2014

At about half past eight in the morning of today’s New Year’s Day we drove down to Lake ILLAWARRA at Kanahooka and went there
for a leisurely walk. It was a fairly warm and calm morning, meaning there was no breeze.  However,  the sky was quite overcast.  And the cicadas were very, very noisy! Lots of walkers and runners greeted  us on our walk. They all had had the same idea we had that it would be good to start the New Year with an early morning outing.



We were waiting for the sun to get a bit more through the clouds.
We were hoping for the sun to get a bit more through the clouds.











Peter reminded me that we should be back home before 10 o’clock to watch the live special German News of the Deutsche Welle. 10 o’clock our time was midnight over in Berlin where Fireworks Celebration at the Brandenburg Gate were to be shown. We made it in time for the big show. Ten hours earlier of course we had been watching on TV the huge Sydney Fireworks. At that time we had welcomed the New Year with some sparkling wine. Between the two of us we had half a bottle of that sparkly. That meant we had half a bottle left. It was not difficult to empty that left over half bottle at 10 o’clock in the morning! Peter’s sister Ilse, who lives in Berlin, soon did welcome the New Year by doing some skyping with us. Isn’t the technique marvellous for occasions like this? 🙂

Peter took some pictures too on our morning walk. Here are some of them:













13 thoughts on “My first Pictures in 2014

  1. Lovely way to start the New year – and to celebrate with faamily on the other side of the globe is fantastic! Sorry to see that vandalism also happens in your beautiful part of the world. Happy New Year – einen guten Rutsch!

    1. Ja, liebe Catterel, wir hatten einen recht ‘guten Rutsch’. The last couple of days Peter and I spent on our own. It was a good way to start the New Year after all the excitement over the Christmas days. Well, Christmas isn’t really quite over yet, is it? We usually leave our Christmas tree till the 6th of January.
      Last night we watched the Vienna New Year’s Concert live on television. (10 am Vienna time, the first of January!). This concert is a beautiful tradition for the start of the New Year.
      Happy New Year, dear Catterel! 🙂
      Cheerio, Uta

      1. and we managed t catch the repeat of the Vienna Concert this evening! What a blessing that time zones exist!!! I always watch it on New Year’s Day with my breakfast coffee lasting till lunchtime at home in Switzerland.

  2. I just read this in the Sydney Morning Herald:

    “The male cicada’s mating call is as romantic as an AC/DC concert. It’s more a slap in the face than sweet serenade. This summer’s bumper crop is so overwhelming some National Parks rangers have taken to wearing earplugs.”

    Read more:

    I mentioned in my post the noise these cicadas made while we were walking. Maybe wearing earplugs is not such a bad idea!

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