Last Week of January 2014

On Monday, which was part of the Australia Day Weekend, we had ice-cream in Enmore, an inner suburb of Sydney. We went to the Cow and the Moon. They make terrific ice-cream. For $ 6,50 you can have three different flavours. And they give you a very generous helping of each flavour in a little plastic cup.




The yeast cake that daughter Caroline had baked for our visit, was very good. She had put fresh plums and crumbles on top and served it with beautiful fresh whipped cream. She baked such a big tray full. Lots was left over and so she packed up a few pieces for us to take home, which we did eat pretty quickly. It was so good! Yummy, yummy. Not so good for our intentions of not putting on extra weight, though! Matthew made us lovely cups of coffee to go with the cake.


Today is the middle of the week, Wednesday. For this afternoon I have an appointment with Scott again. He is the guy who’s helping me to have a pain free New Year! He is a FINCH THERAPY therapist. He makes me do a lot of exercises at home. I think my mobility is getting better. I don’t get puffed out so easily anymore. And this FINCH THERAPY is supposed to help when you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So I thought I give it a try. My right hand is much better now after the operation. However I feel that my wrist needs strengthening a bit more. I am very happy that I can do with my right hand so many more things now that I could not do before the operation. (I can pour hot water into cups as long as the water jug is not filled up too much to make it too heavy for me! I can tie my shoe-laces, I can even fasten the hooks at the back of my bra and I can cut my toe-nails!)

I love to wear my toe shoes for a walk on the grass in Lakelands Park. The grass gets cut regularly by the council workers. Last week it was pretty short. In the meantime it has grown again a lot. At seven o’clock in the morning Peter and I went there for a walk. We both had put our toe shoes on. Peter had warned me that the grass might still be wet this early in the morning. But I pointed out that the sun had already been up for a while, that it hadn’t rained for several days and that the sun would soon get very hot. But Peter was right: There was a real lot of morning dew! We felt like walking through a wetland and our shoes became very, very wet. Peter did not enjoy this at all. After a while he became very grumpy. He blamed me for making us leave this early in the morning to walk over the grass. He said that never, never again was he going to do this. He felt just terrible. On top of it his knee started aching, and he couldn’t walk properly anymore. Poor Peter!

Coming back home, we noticed our shoes were full of grass bits. We brushed these off and left our shoes outside to dry. Peter rushed to the toilet and I made some coffee and toast for us. Peter soon felt happy again. I think next time when I see the grass being this wet I won’t go out on it but wait till it dries off a bit. Sorry, Peter, for making you walk on it today.

This picture was taken about a month ago. The grass was much shorter then.
This picture was taken about a month ago. The grass was much shorter then.

5 thoughts on “Last Week of January 2014

  1. Hilarious photos. The cake looks lovely and so do the toe shoes. As for walking in wet grass, one needs good shoes. I swear by my RMW’s and always wear socks. Also never in shorts. I look ridiculous. I generally don’t really care about how I look but shorts would be one step too far.
    Men are grumpy, women like to talk. 😉 But, the good news is when they get older the twain meets up. Testosterone levels go down in men but but up in women, while oestrogens go up in men and down in women. Hence squeaky voices and loss of hair in men, but generally less grumpy and easier going in their later/failing years. While with women, there are beards, louder voices and with some, even more determined to lead.( very subtly)
    Go to shopping centres and you see often elderly couples whereby the man looks a bit bewildered while the woman drags him around from isle to isle. She knows exactly what she wants. He is becoming more vague and unsure, seems to question what he is there for etc. and why. He, more than anything, would like to sit down and have a snack or a nap.

    Getting older is a journey that keeps on coming.

  2. OH I love ice cream, but not so much now in the depths of winter! Cow and Moon,what a wonderful name for an ice cream shot. You have no idea how lovely these summery shots are! The idea of having grass stuck in in toe shoes….sigh! 😉

  3. I hope, Linda, that where you are the winter is not extremely severe. Some parts of the USA experience right now unusually low temperatures as we just heard in the news. I mean in some states people just are not used to such extremely low temperatures.

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