Our Walk on Friday, 20th of January 2017

A Walk in Toe-Shoes!

It had been a long time since we ventured for a walk in our toe-shoes. But we found out that they still did fit us all right. Surprise, surprise,  on that Friday morning we actually got ready quite early for our little walk. We thought it would be important to walk before it got too hot!

Actually, some clouds were to be seen already.

Would it perhaps rain later on? Anyhow, we started walking across the grass in our toe-shoes. Our destination was the little playground in Lakelands Park. We had not been there for a while.


Of course, the playground was still there!



Then it was my turn on the swing. What fun for an 82 year old!

On the way home we ended up among some trees. I published the tree pictures here:


Balmy Days towards the End of May 2014


RIMG1864We did have a lot of balmy days during this month of May. Everybody says it has been unseasonably warm so far.  Only some of the nights have already been quite cold. Occasionally we had a lot of cloud cover with hardly any sun.  Then we feel very much like it is winter already.

I try to take a walk in my toe shoes every day, preferably rather early in the morning. I often walk to Lakelands Park where all the soccer fields are. Right now the grass in this park has been kept quite well cut. This makes it easy to walk on it,  especially with these comfortable toe shoes!



Usually the playground is my destination. It takes me only ten to fifteen minutes to reach it..




I am very fond of all the trees in the park. This is why I take photos of them again and again.




Near the footpath the lantana is thriving again.



I noticed a pattern in the freshly mown grass:



Today, Saturday, there was much activity in the park. The young soccer players were having some good practice at kicking the ball under the supervision and encouraging shouting by a lot of coaches, parents and friends.





Peter does another Walk and Run on the Oval








I took this picture and all the sign pictures already on 30th January 2014
I took this picture and all the sign pictures already on 30th January 2014

In January I posted already some pictures of Peter’s walk and run on the oval. Two weeks later he did do the same again. For some reason I did not feel like going along with him then and gave it a miss. But when he went again yesterday I gave myself a push an went along with him. And I quite enjoyed the outing. However yesterday I did not take any pictures. So all the pictures I post today I took already in January.

Yesterday I put my toe shoes for a leisurely walk around the oval. After my walk  I did a bit of reading in my kindle while I was waiting for Peter to finish his run/walk. Peter also had his toe shoes on. He loves to wear them on grass. As far as concerns all the signs on the pictures, I must point out that the danger of this summer’s fire season seams to be nearly over. It is nearly March now, meaning that it is not very likely that we get very hot days again. In January I wrote to one of the comments:

“It is a huge sporting complex, Robert. I did not explore all the areas. What I found remarkable is that they pointed out what to do in case of a bushfire. I guess the wooded areas have become more dense and there is more fuel now so that a fire has become more of a possibility since we seem to be getting more and more very hot days with very strong winds.”

As I said from now on there is probably not that great a danger any more. Our summer is nearly over. Apparently the bushfire emergency area is on field which is the John O’Dwyer Oval, the one where Peter does his training.

I did yesterday a bit of practising again, I mean I drove our car for a short distance in the Croome Sporting Complex area before we left to drive home. I just want to get used to driving again. Since I had this eye operation a long, long time ago I always was happy to leave it up to Peter to do the driving. So I must say I am shockingly out of practice. And I am nearly 80 now. I still have my drivers’ license though. I am asking myself again and again, should I really aim at keeping the license a bit longer?

Peter is going to have his eye operation in a couple of weeks!

Last Week of January 2014

On Monday, which was part of the Australia Day Weekend, we had ice-cream in Enmore, an inner suburb of Sydney. We went to the Cow and the Moon. They make terrific ice-cream. For $ 6,50 you can have three different flavours. And they give you a very generous helping of each flavour in a little plastic cup.




The yeast cake that daughter Caroline had baked for our visit, was very good. She had put fresh plums and crumbles on top and served it with beautiful fresh whipped cream. She baked such a big tray full. Lots was left over and so she packed up a few pieces for us to take home, which we did eat pretty quickly. It was so good! Yummy, yummy. Not so good for our intentions of not putting on extra weight, though! Matthew made us lovely cups of coffee to go with the cake.


Today is the middle of the week, Wednesday. For this afternoon I have an appointment with Scott again. He is the guy who’s helping me to have a pain free New Year! He is a FINCH THERAPY therapist. He makes me do a lot of exercises at home. I think my mobility is getting better. I don’t get puffed out so easily anymore. And this FINCH THERAPY is supposed to help when you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So I thought I give it a try. My right hand is much better now after the operation. However I feel that my wrist needs strengthening a bit more. I am very happy that I can do with my right hand so many more things now that I could not do before the operation. (I can pour hot water into cups as long as the water jug is not filled up too much to make it too heavy for me! I can tie my shoe-laces, I can even fasten the hooks at the back of my bra and I can cut my toe-nails!)

I love to wear my toe shoes for a walk on the grass in Lakelands Park. The grass gets cut regularly by the council workers. Last week it was pretty short. In the meantime it has grown again a lot. At seven o’clock in the morning Peter and I went there for a walk. We both had put our toe shoes on. Peter had warned me that the grass might still be wet this early in the morning. But I pointed out that the sun had already been up for a while, that it hadn’t rained for several days and that the sun would soon get very hot. But Peter was right: There was a real lot of morning dew! We felt like walking through a wetland and our shoes became very, very wet. Peter did not enjoy this at all. After a while he became very grumpy. He blamed me for making us leave this early in the morning to walk over the grass. He said that never, never again was he going to do this. He felt just terrible. On top of it his knee started aching, and he couldn’t walk properly anymore. Poor Peter!

Coming back home, we noticed our shoes were full of grass bits. We brushed these off and left our shoes outside to dry. Peter rushed to the toilet and I made some coffee and toast for us. Peter soon felt happy again. I think next time when I see the grass being this wet I won’t go out on it but wait till it dries off a bit. Sorry, Peter, for making you walk on it today.

This picture was taken about a month ago. The grass was much shorter then.
This picture was taken about a month ago. The grass was much shorter then.