Early Morning Run/Walk on Thursday, 30th January 2014


From now on Peter would like to have a walk/run on this oval about once every two weeks. On Thursday he managed ten rounds on this grassy oval. Each round is 400 meters! Of course he wore his toe-shoes again. He likes to wear them on grass. This time the grass was not wet for it was well cut short. It was nearly nine o’clock by the time we got there, this meant any morning dew that may have been there, had already dried off. It was a clear sunny morning with a little bit of a breeze.

I occupied myself exploring the surroundings and taking pictures.






I noticed a lot of signs in the area.







Peter is happy he finished what he set out to do.
Peter is happy he finished what he set out to do.

9 thoughts on “Early Morning Run/Walk on Thursday, 30th January 2014

  1. That’s a nice place to run – and well done, Peter! I doubt if I’d just about manage a round walking nowadays! I do like those toe shoes, too. Will have to google them.

  2. Hallo liebe Ute einen schöne Tageszeit für dich schöne Bilder und ein schöner Ort,ich wollte dir schnell ein schönes und glückliches Wochenende wünschen.Liebe Grüße von mir.Gislinde

  3. Peter does look happy after his run feeling good I guess. It looks a very nice flat place to run..the day looks beautiful. 🙂
    Take care Uta have a lovely weekend
    X Sheila x

    1. It is a huge sporting complex, Robert. I did not explore all the areas. What I found remarkable is that they pointed out what to do in case of a bushfire. I guess the wooded areas have become more dense and there is more fuel now so that a fire has become more of a possibility since we seem to be getting more and more very hot days with very strong winds.

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