When Grandad Goes To Sleep …

I love the humour. It is so true, what Catterel writes about Grandad! 🙂



When Grandad went to bed
He took his teeth out for the night;
Grinning in the glass
They were a terrifying sight.

Then on his bedside table
Grandad put his specs,
Followed by his toupé –
His hearing aids came next.

He lay down on his pillow,
Pulled the sheet over his head,
None of him was visible
As he slumbered in his bed.

Grandad’s disembodied dentures,
Topped off by his hair,
With his glasses in the middle,
Gave the grandchildren a scare.


Johnny screamed, “Oh! Grandad
Has taken off his head,
It’s on his bedside table
Instead of in his bed!”

But Jenny said, “Don’t worry,
Grandad’s head’s still there –
That one on the bedside table
Is the one he keeps for spare.”

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