Dobri Dobrev

This story is very much worth sharing, I think. I reblog it from Nelson’s Digital Catharsis.

A Dose A Day





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Find more stories of heroism on my other blog – Heroes of Yolanda. People from around the world joined hands to help out our unfortunate brothers and sisters affected by the strongest typhoon to make landfall. I hope you find the time to visit. Click the image to be directed there.


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2 thoughts on “Dobri Dobrev

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ian. Yea, he looks marvellous, this old guy. Walking 25 km each day at his age would have been quite an achievement. Yes, I’d like to know for how long he did live. Maybe he died before he turned 100? You would think they would spread the news for how long he actually did live.
      Wishing you and Ana well, Ian. Regards,
      Aunty Uta

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