The worst food for your teeth? Something like crackers!

I had totally forgotten about this article. Just now I came across it and thought it can’t do any harm to publish the URL to it. Have a look, it says dark chocolate is good for your teeth!

Last Thursday I went to the Heart Moves class. On that day there had happened to be a function in the hall that we use. I think that function had been booked to last till 12 o’clock.  But by 12,30 they had not cleared the room yet. Obviously the function itself was finished. However quite a few people stayed behind, talking to each other. After a while someone from our group went in there pointing out to them that we were waiting to be let into the room for our class. They said they did not mind if we came in straight away. So this when our group went in and occupied  chairs along the wall. We were about twenty people. In the middle of the room there were about eighty more chairs which had to be disposed off in the adjoining store-room space. Some people were busy doing it. It took a while. In one corner of the hall were a couple of tables with a lot of scrumptious food. These were just left-overs!

Soon someone approached our group inviting us to help ourselves to some of the food on the tables. Our class was supposed to start at 12,30.  Even though our instructor had arrived already and had been setting up her music for the class, it did not look like we were able to start any time soon.

So most of our group, including our instructor, were helping themselves to this ‘free’ lunch. Some  women objected that they would not be fit to do the exercises after having eaten such a lot. I had accidentally taken a meat sandwich which had looked to me like there was only cheese and salad on it.  It was some kind of meat which I definitely was not able to eat. It ended up in the bin. I stuck to eating a lot of crackers, which I had spilled on the tablecloth in my clumsiness. I did not think it was appropriate to put them back into the serving bowl. I did not want them to end up in the bin. so I added them all to my food bowl. They turned out to be rather salty but quite tasty. So I did eat them all!

That day I think I was not all that good in following all the instructions for the exercises.  I wonder whether the crackers had something to do with this? Today, it’s Thursday again and there is going to be another class. I promised myself that I would not eat anything before today’s class . Better safe than sorry.


4 thoughts on “Diary

    1. Well, Peter, these were left-overs from a previous lunch. Most of it looked still fresh and appetising. The tables had to be cleared. I am sure the people from the previous function meant well by suggesting we could eat whatever we felt like eating while we were waiting for our class to begin. Our regular Heart Moves class was a little bit delayed, that was all. That I ended up with all these tasty little crackers was due to my clumsiness for I had tipped over one serving bowl with the crackers while I was reaching for something else. I could have left these spilled crackers on the tablecloth. Alas, I was not game to do this.
      Maybe if I would have thought that crackers cannot be good for me, maybe then I would have just put them in the bin together with that awful (to me awful) tasting meat sandwich.

      1. “The tables had to be cleared.”

        Of course, and you were the right person for it. It was all sooo yummy. You picked the last crumbs off the table. After you they did not need a vacuum cleaner. I know you. Nothing going to waste. LOL

  1. About twenty of us had about five minutes to ‘clear’ the tables. There were huge plates with the most delicious fruit for instance. How can you clear this in five minutes? The fruit plates looked totally untouched. I just hope none of this delicious fruit ended in the bin!
    Picking crumbs off the table? Well, I sort of did this with the silly crackers, didn’t I? LOL!

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