This Man Got Mugged At A Train Station. What He Did Next Was Genius.

Hi Nelson, I just love this story! I have to reblog it, I trust you do not mind if more people are going to read it. It is said what this man did, was genius and you say he deserves a medal. I very much agree with this! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “This Man Got Mugged At A Train Station. What He Did Next Was Genius.

  1. Hi Aunty. It is a nice story and I have seen it before. There are hundreds like that doing the rounds on the net. But the problem is, they are probably not true. Someone made the story up, because we love fell-good stories.

    I think it is unjust to rob someone and I think I would object and try to prevent the robbery. Be friendly to the guy? I don’t believe so.

    1. To me it seems totally all right to be friendly like this to a teen. Of course it requires a great deal of guts. Most people would not know how to approach a guy like this in a humane way.

      Of course it could be a made up story. If so, I still like it. It teaches us that if we are friendly to a guy, especially such a young guy, we might be successful in teaching him some kind of decency and believe in the goodness of people.

      At the end of the story it says: Faith in humanity restored.
      You are right, it is a feel good story. And I certainly like feel good stories. I like to have some kind of faith in humanity.

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