This is a picture that Peter took with his tablet.
This is a picture that Peter took with his tablet.
He also took this picture of me. I had a good rest there at this Lookout before we turned back towards the entrance of the Park.
He also took this picture of me. I had a good rest  at this lookout before we turned back towards  the Visitor Centre.
I would have loved to see the twin falls. However I felt to walk that much further would have been too much for me.
I would have loved to see the Twin Falls. However I felt to walk that much further would have been too much for me.

In our memory sticks another walk more than forty years ago when we went all the way down to the Grotto with our children. Old age is definitely creeping up on us now. Still, we are happy to be able to walk at all and go on outings like this one. It was so rewarding for us to spend last Sunday walking up to at least the first of many lookouts. I think this is also going to stick in our memory, especially since we did take a lot of pictures. It was a Sunday, and naturally because of this there were lots and lots of walkers about, many with very happy, lively children. Everyone was overtaking us! We are used to this by now that everyone is faster than we are. At most places we go to we are usually the oldest and slowest people around.!

14 thoughts on “FITZROY FALLS

      1. To take pictures, Cat, requires to walk more slowly, and taking pictures is definitely a way to see more! 🙂
        Thanks for commenting, Cat.

  1. But still getting there. Remember how we used to take photos and then we would have to wait until we had used the whole reel and then send them away to be developed and wait until they came back. Now we can look at them instantly on our tablets. Amazing!

    1. Indeed, Elizabeth, it is really amazing with what ease we can take hundreds of pictures these days and instantly look at them. I take pictures with a digital camera and always have it on automatic. I have absolutely no knowledge about the technicalities of photography. I always enjoy taking pictures with the digital camera and most of the time they are all right for me to save them. I published some of the pictures from our walk at Fitzroy Falls just three days ago! 🙂
      Actually I published three different blogs with pictures I took last Sunday: One post I published on Monday and then two more on Tuesday, the 11th.

    1. Usually there’s plenty of water in our dams, Mary-Ann. Occasionally during a period of very low rainfall the dams may dry out too much. Then water restrictions are applied. Yes, we’ve been through several periods of severe water restrictions. However when it rains enough there is no problem. In the dry inland areas there is very seldom sufficient rain. At present 80% of Queensland for instance suffers from a severe drought, But the Queensland coastal areas are not affected.
      We had here in our area in NSW sufficient rainfall all through last summer and everything looks lush green. Last November we had a few days of horrendous heat: About 45 C or maybe more than 110 F. In heat like this everything dries out quickly. Widespread bush fires become a threat.
      Luckily, this extreme heat did not last for very long. Soon we had more normal summer temperatures again and quite a bit of rain and the dried out grass became quickly lush green again.
      Other parts of Australia suffered right through summer from extreme high temperatures, for instance cities like Melbourne and Perth.

  2. Beautiful! The falls AND you! I love how actively you pursue life. Makes me look like the proverbial slug, sitting here for hours at a time in front of my computer.

    1. Ah, thank you, Linda. Thank you very much. I wonder how much time you spend in front of the computer and how much time being out and about? I guess you are quite a bit younger than we are and love to go on excursions for days on end. Peter has been a runner in his younger days. He took part in lots of races, even marathons. These days he is happy when he can make it to run/walk five or six km. I have never been a very persistent walker and I never did a lot of running. The best running I was able to do was when I was about ten! 🙂 If you want to see more pictures of us walking to one of the Fitzroy lookouts have a look at my post called ‘Fitzroy Falls on Sunday, 9th of March 2014’.

  3. I think it’s important to just keep moving! I know there are times we aren’t fit enough to “go the distance” but we aren’t ready to stop hiking and exploring either. I think your outing sounds like it was a very happy day!

    1. Hi Sheila, it’s really great to go on a little excursion. I can’t wait till we can go to one of the other waterfalls. There are quite a few where we live. Peter has had his cataract operation this morning. All went well but he has to take it easy now for the next two weeks! 🙂

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