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These pictures were taken by daughter Caroline this morning while we were waiting for Peter to come out of surgery. Caroline took the pictures with her phone. I had forgotten my camera. Still, I looked around taking some pictures in my mind. The tree I was touching in the above pictures looked marvellous. It was really smooth to the touch.

Peter’s cataract operation went well. After a couple of hours he was allowed to go home. It was good that Caroline could drive us. Peter has to wear his eye-patch till seven 0’clock tomorrow morning. The patch starts irritating him a lot. He keeps having the feeling that he wants to take it off. At the moment he has been lying down a bit trying to catch up on some sleep.

While we were waiting for Peter, we were able to spend a bit of time in the sun in the hospital grounds. It was a beautiful sunny morning. The older I get the more I love spending time in the sun. I have been reading lately a lot on the benefits of sunshine in connection with the need for Vitamin D. My favourite page on Vitamin D right now is this one:


24 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary

  1. Hallo liebe Ute will mich mal melden, ich bin wieder aus dem Krankenhaus,war eine große Sache am Montag muss ich in die Reha bin also noch über drei Wochen weg hoffe danach geht es mir besser.Wünsche dir einen guten Dienstag bleib Gesund bis dann alles Liebe von mir.Gislinde

    1. Da hast du ja so einiges durchgemacht, liebe Gislinde, Diese drei Wochen ab Montag sind dann wohl eine Gesesungszeit für dich. Sicherlich wird es dir danach dann wieder besser gehen.
      Peter ist froh, dass er jetzt die Augenoperation hinter sich hat. Er hatte befürchtet, dass er von der Operation zu viel merken würde. Aber es ging alles gut. Er war ausreichend betäubt und merkte gar nichts.
      Ja, also dann alles Liebe für dich. Herzliche Grüsse, Uta.

      1. No Uta, I did not have macular hole , just scar tissue or crimp. I am lucky to have good vision in my other eye. After the operation, the specialist said I could get my other eye operated on as well. I am not getting any more operations till my vision in the good eye gets bad as well. ( hopefully never)

  2. I am most curious how the eyesight of Peter has improved. I had a vitrectomy some time ago and was told I would have to have the cataract operation after as well.
    My eyesight did not improve after my membrane peel (vitrectomy) but am hoping it will if I chose to get the cataracts removed.

    1. The operation was on Tuesday. All went smoothly and I have no complain regarding the procedure. Next day when the dressing came off I thought I was in London experiencing the fog there. There was no vision in the eye. Luckily I have the other one. The doctor told me this sometimes happens when the patient has glaucoma (which I have). She gave me some tablets to bring the pressure down in the eye. Come back on Friday. Yesterday after two days of taking the tablets I started to see Daisy Duck. She is hanging on the wall in our toilet making sure people don’t misbehave. I call it now doing the “Daisy Test”. At first I could not see her at all we my brand new reconditioned eye. But Yesterday afternoon she appeared, if ever so faint, out of the fog.

      Last night I went to bed hoping for a further improvement. Bur in the morning it was all foggy again and Daisy wasn’t to been seen anywhere. Perhaps I used up my power of vision during my REM periods during sleep when I was able to see colourful flowers and bushes.

      This morning it was back to my Ophthalmologist. She was happy with the progress I had made (did I ?) and she smiled with happiness as she reported, the pressure in my eye has gone done to “9”. Her smile and friendliness is so generous that I would forgive her losing my eyesight. But, she said, nothing to worry about, stop taking the tablets, increase one of the drops from one to six times a day and come back in five weeks – unless, of course, my eyesight has not improved by Tuesday then she wants me back next week. On questioning her she assured me, that the operation was a full success only my eye is a bit swollen and she is sure all will return to normal.

      Meantime I run to to the toilet more often and check whether Daisy Duck is appearing out of the fog.

      1. So Peter, I hope your eyesight will be better soon. I was also told that my eyesight was better since my vitrectomy operation. I am typing with one eye closed now. My eyesight is worse which is contradicting the specialist’s opinion.
        I also have to have cataracts removed but am sceptical about any further operations. I know that the specialists are doing operations (vitrectomy) at $ 3000.- a pop and thought it was reasonable for a days work. However, he did about six of those operations in one day. Aanaesthetics and supporting staff were paid extra on top of that. Am I a bit sceptical or should I just put trust in the profession and still believe that most do those operations out of a genuine care for patients together with a reasonable financial reward for years of study etc.?

      2. Hi Gerard, I googled the following:

        “PURPOSE: To present the hypothesis that a visual field defect after pars plana vitrectomy for macular hole may be caused by dehydration injury to the nerve fiber layer during the fluid-air exchange.

        METHODS: In a consecutive nonrandomized series of 45 operations on 35 eyes of 34 patients with full-thickness macular hole, the surgical method was changed with postoperative visual field testing performed.

        RESULT: The incidence and location of the post-operative visual field defect was affected only by changing the location of the infusion cannula.

        CONCLUSION: Dehydration injury of the nerve fiber layer during the fluid-air exchange should be considered as a possible cause of visual field defect after pars plana vitrectomy for macular hole.”

        I don’t know whether ‘macular hole’ played a part in your operation.
        I had an operation like this in Jan.2001. I had no vision in my left eye before the operation. Sadly the operation made no difference. Apart from having no clear vision in my left eye, I do have cataracts in it now as well. I was told I could have an operation for the cataracts. So far I declined. I was of the opinion since I cannot see with my left eye anyway, the removal of the cataracts would not make much difference. But I am not quite certain about this. Maybe my side vision could be improved with the operation? This is why I might reconsider.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful that we can now have these types of operations with really very good results? So much better than the alternatives our elders had to endure…like going blind, deaf, and sedentary…! Glad it went well.

    1. I agree, Linda, we have very good, experienced surgeons who can operate with very little risk involved. In hospital all sorts of precautions are taken so everything runs as smoothly as possible. Peter was very happy with the operation as such. He was indeed taken very good care of, and he said, he could not feel any pain and is not scared of future operations. (He had been very reluctant at first to agree to an operation for it scared him a lot!)
      So, the operation went well indeed. But whether it was successful, we don’t know yet. So far Peter can’t see very well yet with his right eye.

      1. Yes, I think it takes a while for everything to heal, the inflammation to go down and all. I suspect he will be delighted with the results, when they finally become apparent.

  4. I’m glad that Peter’s surgery went well and I hope that he continues to improve and enjoy good eyesight! I love the photos of your hands on the tree. They are very compelling, like you’re caressing it, and receiving some inspiration right back to you! I don’t think you would ever be Vitamin D deficient in Australia, do you? I love the sun, too. Not so great as a beauty treatment, but it sure does add to my well-being! 🙂

    1. Yes, the surgery went well, Debra, but so far Peter has not got a clear vision yet in his right eye.
      I love to touch a very smooth tree trunk. It is indeed a wonderful feeling! 🙂
      Yes, I think the sun does add to my well-being too. Am I able to get enough of it? Well, this is the question. During the summer months it should not be a problem. However during the winter months it can become a problem if I do not take care to sit in the sun for a while around midday and expose plenty of my skin to it.
      When I go amongst people – to be honest – I do not like to bare too much of my aging skin, especially my arms look not very attractive any more! 🙂

  5. tI’s just 5 weeks since I had my cataract operation, and I am very happy with the result. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable, but only for a very short time, and then – wow! I can see! I do hope Peter has the same experience, and can enjoy seeing the world all clean and fresh and bright again

    1. Peter can’t see very well yet with his right eye, Cat. We hope it gets better soon. In the meantime I have been going back to driving a bit! 🙂
      Glad that your cataract operation did work out well, Cat.
      Peter has to use heaps of different eye drops. This gets rather stressful over time.

      1. Keeping fingers crossed for him – yes, the eyedrops can be a nuisance, especially remembering whether you’ve taken them or not!

      2. To constantly have to remember so many different eyedrops to take at different times I would say is quite a struggle for Peter. He puts the bottles in a certain order. If he has forgotten one bottle he can see it for it then stands in line still. Once he has finished with the eyedrop, he puts the bottle in a different place.
        He still hasn’t found his phone. But after a few weeks without a mobile he acquired a substitute which seems to work all right. Only he complains a lot about the small numbers and letters.

  6. Glad the op went well it’s great now as always the results are good. Best wishes to Peter.
    Love the Tree bet it almost felt like silk.
    Enjoy your Weekend Uta
    X Sheila x

    1. The tree trunk felt wonderfully smooth, Sheila, and our weekend turned out to be very enjoyable. Peter has still a few problems with his eye. We hope it clears up soon.
      Have a good week, dear Sheila. 🙂
      Love, Uta ox

    2. Thanks, Sheila, for the best wishes, but so far the news is not good. The operation went well but alas, I’m worse off than before. It is very disconcerting and the ather eye is not strong enough to do all the work.

  7. Good to know all went well with Peters op, might be an idea to start wearing a good set of sunglasses, after my op I found everything very bright.
    Remember Auntyuta, the older the tree, the bigger the hug it needs.

    1. You are right there, Ian, we all seem to need more and more hugs as we get older and especially after an operation! Peter is not very happy at the moment because his sight has not improved yet. Tomorrow he is going to see the ophthalmologist again. He does wear sunglasses when he goes out. With Peter’s eyes the problem were not just cataracts but also glaucoma. He has to use so many different eye-drops, it is not funny any more.
      Cheers anyway,
      P.S. The last few days we had an awful lot of rain!

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