April 2012 and 2013 in Melbourne

Two years ago, in 2012, we were in Melbourne over the Easter period. I reblog now my post from 2012, also adding some extra information about Poyntons Nursery.

This is about Poyntons Nursery:

Poyntons Nursery was established 75 years ago on the banks of the Maribyrnong River in the Maribyrnong valley in the heart of Essendon. Situated on 3.5 acres with ample parking, we remain a one stop destination for all your gardening needs. Our staff are fully qualified and take pride in providing their knowledge, advise and passion for all things Horticultural.
The Nursery is a constant source of unusual and hard to find plants and our buyers are meticulous in maintaining the quality that Poyntons are renowned for. Whether you are looking for a particular plant, professional advise or simply some inspiration, venture in, you won’t be disappointed.
Enjoy a meal or maybe coffee in our A La Carte cafe situated high on the hill with views of the city skyline. The Boulevard Cafe also has an extensive wine list for your enjoyment, with all wines available to purchase for that special gift or occasion.
Situated below The Boulevard Cafe on Level 1 and on the gound level (adjacent to the pots display), you’ll find our two homeware shops, Poyntons Outdoor Living and Poyntons Interiors. Both provide a fabulous range of current trends in homewares, gifts and furniture.
If you have never visited us before or if you are a regular, we welcome you to come and visit our Nursery.
“Poyntons Nursery, your own Botanic Garden”

In April 2013 we were also in Melbourne, visiting this beautiful Nursery with Martin and his daughter Lauren. I copy here what I wrote about this visit last year:


Essendon is part of Melbourne. We went there to a beautiful Garden Centre called ‘Poyntons’. We admired all the wonderful displays and flowers and shrubs for sale. We went a bit further up where the cafe is situated. We had lunch there but no desert even though there was a good selection of cake available. They had some specially brewed local beer. Also freshly squeezed juices. Where we were sitting in the cafe we had a good view of the river Yarra. Our son Martin and granddaughter Lauren came with us to Poyntons. Martin drove the car there. Ample parking was available in a separate parking area.

This is the view to the river.
This is the view to the river.








A red capsicum filled with rice and meat.
A red capsicum filled with rice and meat.








Easter Monday was our last day in Melbourne. Not far from where our son lives in Essendon there’s a nursery, called the POYTONS NURSERY. Martin drove us there. This really made my day. It is such a lovely place. It has a NURSERY, A CAFE and a GARDEN ROOM.

First of all we made it to the cafe. Afterwards Martin selected a huge blueberry plant from the outside nursery.


At the cafe I had a pot of tea and a wonderfully fresh fruit salad with a selction of about seven different fruits. I shared it with Peter and Martin since it was more than enough for the three of us. P and M had some cake and coffee. The display of cakes looked heavenly.

Here are the names of some of the cakes that were available: Mixed Berry Cheesecake, Gluten Free Orange Clementine, Gluten…

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