First Sunday after Easter 2014


Yesterday, on Sunday the 27th of April, Peter and I travelled from Dapto Station to Redfern Station. We had a good tasting Hamburger Lunch close to Redfern Station. My Hamburger was made with a chickpea patty, which was delicious. 🙂 For desert we had some yummy ice-cream. We finished our lunch early. Our plan had been to go to a seminar in Redfern. It was about a subject that we find very interesting. However it had turned out to be a miserable very wet day. We were dressed for a sunny warm day. And we had not thought of taking an umbrella along.

When our daughter Caroline messaged us from Waverly we could come to her place to warm up and Matthew would make us a nice cup of coffee, we could not resist. We decided there and then to give the seminar a miss. We just did not feel right any more to go there. We thought relaxing with Caroline and Matthew was the better option at that instance. We had not seen them since before Easter. They had been away for a little holiday.

So off we went to their place in Waverly. We arrived there quickly by train and bus. We were lucky. A train to Bondi Junction came straight away. And at Bondi Junction we immediately did get a bus. to where we wanted to go. Really an excellent connection! We knew where to get off the bus and from the bus stop it was only a very short walk for us. It did not rain very much, that meant we did get only a little bit wet. Caroline had some heaters on. That made us feel all right very soon. Being able to talk to Caroline and Matthew was great.

They made sure we caught the right bus back to catch our train to Dapto from Bondi Junction. By half past seven we were back home, had some supper and started watching our movie on ABC TV at 8,30 pm. We saw “Parer’s War”. It showed what Australians and Americans experienced in New Guinea towards the end of WW II wich is really quite mind boggling.

It is a pity that we did not feel up to it to go to that seminar. A very interesting speaker from the University of Canberra was to give the talk which in a way was to touch on the subject of “the crisis of democracy”. A few times we have been to other very interesting seminars at this place in Redfern. They often send out invitations we find worth taking notice of. However quite a few invitations we missed out on over the years, for it is not always convenient for us to go all the way to Redfern for a two hour talk. Maybe it would make a difference if we lived somewhat closer. I don’t know. We always seem to be running out of time!


8 thoughts on “First Sunday after Easter 2014

  1. Hallo liebe Ute ein guter Beitrag wieder,ich hoffe es geht dir gut war ein paar Tage weg,aber es war nur Regen.Wünsche dir eine gute neue Woche.Liebe Grüße von mir Gislinde

    1. Ja, liebe Gislinde, letzten Sonntag hatten wir auch nur Nieselwetter. Aber heute hat sich der Himmel aufgeklärt. Bin heute morgen bei herrlichem Sonnenschein ein bisschen gelaufen. Das hat mir gut getan.
      Gestern war wieder ein Frauentreffen, diesmal bei Marion, die für viele Jahre in unserem Komplex gewohnt hatte. Aber jetzt ist sie Witwe und ist in eine Retirement Village gezogen, wo sie ein wunderschönes kleines Häusle hat. Leider hatte ich meine Kamera vergessen, sonst hätte ich Bilder von ihrem herrlichen Rosengarten machen können.
      Wünsche dir auch eine gute Woche! Liebe Grüsse von Uta 🙂

  2. Although you missed the Seminar you enjoyed your day visiting your daughter , a lovely warm welcome. Sounds interesting Movie.
    best wishes Sheila x

    1. This movie, Sheila, makes us think why on earth do we still resort to wars when there is a conflict! I wished that wars were not a necessity any more. Talk, talk, talk, negotiate rather than fight, right?
      Hope you are well, Sheila. Best wishes, Uta 🙂

  3. Yes, wars are always a failure of mankind to settle things by give and take. Unfortunately, the enemy is always ‘the other one’ never ‘us’. As if, mothers, sisters, daughters, wives on the opposing party don’t feel the grief of their lost men (and women).

  4. You take so many little interesting jaunts, Uta. I love the way you head out to go in one direction and just move with what feels right, shifting “gears” entirely! It sounded like a wonderful day to me. And the seminar, as interesting as it would probably be, is probably accessible another time, or something very similar. I think the warm cup of coffee with family was a perfect choice. 🙂

    1. Too right, Debra, I think these ‘little interesting jaunts’ keep us alive. And yes, there are often seminars and talks going on arranged by the Association for Good Government where we have been members for many years. It was great to see Caroline and Matthew after their return from Singapore. 🙂 Thank you so much, Debra, for your comment.

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