It Was Class Warfare. And it Sucks.

This article says it all, what class warfare is all about.

The Australian Independent Media Network


Many pages have been written about the budget and as one bled into the next one thing became abundantly clear: It was about class warfare.

It was about who should pay in the long-term for the necessary corrections to budget fiscal policy. Corrections that either side of politics would eventually have to make. There was no immediate budget crisis to correct in the short-term. They were lying about it and the public – to their credit – didn’t take the bait. The Conservatives had decided that the privileged would be protected. One example hidden deep within the labyrinth of the budget papers was that Private School funding would be quarantined from education cuts. There were many others, like the School Chaplaincy program.

The cigar smoking toff, Jolly Joe, and the Prime Minister decided that it would be the poor and the middle class who should pay the price. Certainly not…

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