Balmy Days towards the End of May 2014


RIMG1864We did have a lot of balmy days during this month of May. Everybody says it has been unseasonably warm so far.  Only some of the nights have already been quite cold. Occasionally we had a lot of cloud cover with hardly any sun.  Then we feel very much like it is winter already.

I try to take a walk in my toe shoes every day, preferably rather early in the morning. I often walk to Lakelands Park where all the soccer fields are. Right now the grass in this park has been kept quite well cut. This makes it easy to walk on it,  especially with these comfortable toe shoes!



Usually the playground is my destination. It takes me only ten to fifteen minutes to reach it..




I am very fond of all the trees in the park. This is why I take photos of them again and again.




Near the footpath the lantana is thriving again.



I noticed a pattern in the freshly mown grass:



Today, Saturday, there was much activity in the park. The young soccer players were having some good practice at kicking the ball under the supervision and encouraging shouting by a lot of coaches, parents and friends.





8 thoughts on “Balmy Days towards the End of May 2014

  1. Hi Uta. As always I enjoyed your wonderful photos. But today I’m fascinated by your shoes. I have repeatedly looked at those in stores and wondered if I would like them. Do you feel barefoot in them? I may just have to give them a try. I am a little envious that you’re going into fall and winter just as I am facing the hot and humid Charlotte summer. I’m a mountain woman and don’t tolerate the heat well. I’m also an outdoor girl and can’t get out as much as I’d like in summer. And that’s quite enough whining from me. Truly, I’m glad to be here regardless of the weather. Hope you and Peter are well.

    1. Hi Pat, lovely to hear from you, Yes Peter and I are well. We both love our toe shoes. I don’t know whether you like to get up early, but if you can make it to get up very early during your summer months, why not use the early morning hours to go outdoors before it gets too hot? Right now I want to check out whether you have written anything recently. I do not seem to always get notice of new blogs for all the blogs I want to be following. Have a great Sunday, Pat.
      Cheers, Uta

    2. I can tell you Peter is well from first hand experience.

      Those finger shoes give you the feeling of walking barefoot. They are especially good on grass and uncovered ground, but not so good on concrete.

      They were developed from the running sandals of the Tarahumara people of north-western Mexico and are described in the book “Born to Run”

      Those shoes are not cheap but the satisfaction they give is priceless.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Marylin. I think these toe shoes are a great invention. Our daughter showed Peter and me where we could buy them in Sydney. We have never regretted having bought these shoes. 🙂

  2. What lovely days, and walking grounds! I love your trees, and I really love those toe shoes! 🙂 I must get some of those. I hope you have many more balmy days before winter. You get so much out of enjoying the outdoors, Uta. Lovely photos!

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