More Photos from our Holiday Weekend


This is one of the photos we took on Saturday morning when we walked to the Lone Pine. Our “camp” was of course some distance away. Where we stayed there are modern units now, but we still call it camp. The site belongs to the RAIL TRAM AND BUS UNION. When Peter was a member it was just a railworkers union. Since 1985 we have often been staying at this holiday park. All our family have treasured memories about this place. It is situated in a National Park that belongs to the Capital Territory. After a 13 km dirt track we reach the “camp” which is right at the Sussex Inlet. If you want to reach civilisation you have to go by boat from the inlet to St Georges Basin or drive back along the dirt track until you reach some sealed roads.

We noticed that quite a bit has changed about this place over the years. For instance when we came to the inlet after our walk along Bherwerre Beach we could see a lot of devastation along the site of the inlet. They must have had big storms there. There was no space to walk on left near the water. We were tired after the long walk and me, old great grandma, needed some help to get through there. Nobody thought of taking pictures of this devastation along the water. Here is one picture that Caroline took of Matthew, Peter and me after we had made it through and were close to where our camp units were.


Caroline soon produced some lovely lunch for us with some quiche.


Caroline and Matthew had brought along lots and lots of food and stayed in our unit with us. They did keep us beautifully fed. All in all it was a great holiday for us. Friday night and Saturday night the whole family gathered for barbecues. There was an excellent place provided for this.


This is what Caroline got ready for breakfast on Saturday morning.


The salads are rock salad and pickled cabbage. To this a fried egg was added. We probably had some toast and butter too, as well as a good cup of coffee!


Caroline had brought bags of rock salad along. Delicious!
Caroline had brought bags of rocket salad along. Delicious!

I think I did not take many pictures after our arrival on Friday. But here are a few more pictures from Saturday morning:





This holiday park is right next to ours.
This holiday park is right next to ours.














3 thoughts on “More Photos from our Holiday Weekend

  1. You certainly were well fed Uta, beautiful food and company as well as a great location.
    The little kookaburra is a fantastic picture that you captured.

    1. I am glad we could take that many photos of that weekend.
      They’ll provide great memories in future.
      I think it was a very successful weekend for all concerned.
      Thanks for commenting, dear Emu! 🙂
      So long,

  2. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:

    It is such fun to reblog all these pictures from August 2014. Now, nearly five years later, we had another family gathering at Sussex Inlet and I am soon going to publish some pictures from that recent meeting.

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