Reflections: World Humanitarian Day

I think this a very informative post by Elizabeth Obih-Frank for World Humanitarian Day.

Mirth and Motivation

“The moral authority of the United Nations depends on its ability to help people most in need and it must do so with the highest ethical standards and professionalism.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Council of Foreign Relations, New York, May 2006

Reflections: World Humanitarian Day, August 19th Reflections: World Humanitarian Day, August 19th – Honor Each Other

World Humanitarian Day 2014 Message

Today is World Humanitarian Day and it is particularly poignant because another brave soul, James Wright Foley, a photojournalist who dedicated his life to bringing photos and news to the rest of us from war torn zones was brutally executed today. My condolences go out to his loved ones… RIP James. Where is our humanity? What must we do to find common ground and respect for each other on this planet?  Are you familiar with this important day? Do you know what it is all about? I’ll shed some light and, hopefully, you will…

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2 thoughts on “Reflections: World Humanitarian Day

    1. Wünsche dir auch einen schönen Tag, liebe Gislinde. Wir hatten ein schönes Wochenende am Sussex Inlet. Jetzt ist schon Donnerstag bei uns. Peter und ich wollen heute ins Kino gehen. Die News sind jetzt immer schrecklich. Es ist besser sich die News nicht allzu oft anzusehen. Man sollte sich mehr mit schönen Dingen befassen! Ich sehe mir immer gern an, was du in deinen Blogs veröffentlichst, liebe Gislinde. Recht liebe Grüsse von mir, Uta. 🙂

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