28 August 1957 – 2012

28 August 2014
Gaby would be 57 today.

This is what Peter wrote today on Gaby’s Facebook page:

Hi Gaby, we are all thinking of you today. If you were around we would be shopping with you today, as it is your shopping and your birthday.  We would say, “Happy Birthday, Darling” and wish you a long life. But it is not to be.

You were one of the few people in the world who looked at life on Earth and decided, “If that is what life dishes out to us, I deal with it!”

Life dealt you a bad hand of cards but you knew how to play and you won many tricks where we would have thrown our cards on the table. 
I know, it is the right thing to say, “RIP”, but this is not who you are and I would say you are giving the angels a hard time and they are loving it.

Lots of Love from Mama and Papa xoxoxo Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)


Today would be the 55th anniversary of our daughter Gaby’s birthday.

My husband, Peter, wrote a little piece on his block .

I feel Peter wrote a beautiful piece about Gaby.

Please, check it out!

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