Seems to me that this is auch gut so. WOWI must have done something right. I like this blog, notmsparker, it says so much about Berlin. I want to reblog it. I think Berlin is a very interesting city. And it is good to get to know a bit about WOWI.
Berlioz and I were visiting Berlin in 2012, as you know. And we were very disappointed that the new airport had not been opened yet. Hopefully all is well by 2016. But who knows? The delays seem to be unending.


Klaus Wowereit (image through Leo-Beck-Zentrum) Klaus Wowereit (image through Leo-Beck-Zentrum)

He won the post, came out as gay before the gutter press did the outing for him, turned the city into an undisputable Hub of Coolness and spent 13 years at Berlin´s helm. However, two days ago, on August 26th, Klaus Wowereit, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, announced his resignation.

The reactions to his stepping-down range from gentle melancholy, through mild relief to full-blown glee: in the 13 years of his rule “Wowi” went from being the hippest and the most popular guy in town to a symbol of the city´s biggest failure. The new BER airport in Berlin-Schönefeld meant to replace the current melange of the smaller, former East-West airports failed to take off: the planned opening in 2011 did not happen and it is rather doubtful that the next deadline of 2016 can, indeed, be kept. And so instead of allowing the…

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