Fear of flying? Take it from a Malaysian Aviator

I think this blog is a good way to make people aware how safe travelling really is.

Satu Insan - Malaysia

Borneo Post

Aviator lends balm to the fear of flying

WITH a MAS Boeing 777 disappearing in thin air on March 8 and another 777 of the same airlines hit by a missile over Ukraine’s air space on July 17, the muted fear of flying which air travelers silently nurture in their hearts seems to have grown more intense.

aviator The cover of ‘Life in the Skies’ showing a smiling and confident Capt Lim who assures that flying is safe. — Photos from askcaptainlim.com

In the wake of these two air disasters happening within a four-month interval, frequent flyers have loads of questions:

Is it safe to fly anymore? How could a plane from Kuala Lumpur heading north-east to Beijing suddenly turn around south-west and be deemed lost in the unchartered waters of the southern depths of the Indian Ocean?

If MH17 flew the approved route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur…

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