Uta’s Diary, Monday, 15th September 2014

SIXTY-year-old grandmother Myra Gold was asleep when four police officers raided her home.

They were deployed to confiscate her phone, dig through her rubbish and search her car.

For stickers.

Anti-G20 stickers.

If ou want to read more about this please go to


I glanced over newly published blogs that I had not seen yet when I came across the above one. It made me realise that more and more we are not allowed to say any more what we think. I want to point out here that I am in principle not against the G20, not at all. I mean I too may have some objections but I want the G20 to go ahead. However, I do not believe the meeting is going to be stopped by some people displaying a few stickers.  I am very concerned when people are not allowed to voice their objections any more.  What sort of a world do we live in when security forces over react to such an extent? Does our government want to stay in power by scaring us to death?

On a lighter note, we had a lovely day in Sydney yesterday. We saw Caroline and Matthew. We also saw quite briefly Matthew’s daughter Alex who came with her boyfriend to take Matthew out for lunch for a belated Father’s Day meeting. Caroline and Matthew showed us heaps of beautiful photos from their short stay in Bali. They packed a lot of things into the few days there including their friends’ Wedding Reception, which was the reason for this trip.

After we had some coffee Matthew left for his lunch and we had lunch with Caroline. Rather than go to the park for a picnic lunch, we did eat our salads at Caroline’s place and had a cup of tea also. We assumed the park would be packed full of people since it had turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. After lunch Caroline drove us to Centennial Park. She soon managed to find a parking spot. There were  hardly any spots left, even though it is a huge park with parking all along the different drive-ways that go through the park.

We then had a lovely walk  in our toe shoes. A few hours later Matthew had arrived back home and we had tea and excellent pieces of cake with him before driving back to Dapto.

Caroline and Matthew had given Peter a bottle of duty free Hennessey as a belated Father’s Day gift. It was great that we could go on this outing to Sydney and meet Caroline and Matthew after their exciting trip. I had been somewhat concerned that maybe Bali was not such a safe place to visit. But it turned out that my concerns had been totally unwarranted.


Caroline's Toe Shoes
Caroline’s Toe Shoes


There were a lot of these flowers in the grass where we were walking.
There were a lot of these flowers in the grass where we were walking.
One of these flowers got stuck between my toes.
One of these flowers got stuck between my toes.
Peter takes a photo of Caroline.
Peter takes a photo of Caroline.



RIMG0017 (2)













Duty Free?
Duty Free?

PS: Here is another update.


Does this make your mind boggle?

5 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary, Monday, 15th September 2014

  1. It’s a wonderful feeling to be around family. I am happy for you that you are with your family having an amazing day. Belated Happy Father’s Day to Peter. As for Duty Free, no tax always great savings. God bless my friend.

    1. Yes, it was great to be with family yesterday and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. It made Peter very happy too. Thank you so much, dear IT, for your comment. 🙂

  2. An interesting reading on the G20 summit stickers Uta.
    However in light of events around the world, and particularly here in Australia.
    I fully support our AFP,our ASIO in their crackdown on security in Australia.
    Irrespective of anyones age, in this day and age all activities are open to scrutiny, what we write,what we think, who we support, everything,this has all come about through the threat of terrorism, terrorism by a race of people who follow Islam.
    Australians are very naive in thinking that Islam is a religion and one of peace.
    Islam is an ideology, much like Nazism, communism etc.
    That grandmother may be 60 years old, I certainly wont object to my writings being investigated as to ascertaining my beliefs.
    Sometimes in this era in Australia, we will see cases like the grandmother, sadly the world of terrorism has now, and will filter down to cases that appear trivial.
    I suspect the grandmother had more going on than simple stickers, otherwise the world of facebook would be closed down as well.

    1. Hi Emu, you say that you suspect the grandmother had more going on than simple stickers. Well, if this was so, I’d like to know it. Do you suspect that she was involved with criminal activities?
      Terrorists are just criminals and should be treated as such. These terrorist groups misuse religion. We cannot blame ordinary Moslems for the crimes of criminal groups. I would think most Moslems do not belong to a criminal group and here in Australia they just want to be ordinary Australians. It is wrong to want to persecute all Moslems like the Jews were persecuted under the Nazis. This is wrong, very wrong!
      I just want to know the truth. Are we always being told the truth? I don’t think so. And I do not like this. Seventy years ago the Nazis in Germany were defeated. They had told the people lies upon lies. I feel bad when I have to live under a regime that resorts to constantly lying to people.
      I think one should fight for peace not war and we should respect all religions and races. I do not like extremism and cults. All religions may have some problems with cults at some stage. This does not mean one has to reject the religion as such.
      We do not want a lawless society. But even the police and security services are bound by our laws, They should not shoot dead an 18 year old who attacks with a knife. Are they not trained enough to overwhelm a knife carrying youth without shooting him dead? Maybe the police officers involved are not to blame because they did not get the right training. Well, then they should damn well get better training!
      Anyhow, this is what I believe, Emu. And if the government does not like my beliefs, they can come and get me. Can you get punished for believing in certain things? Can you get punished for voicing your opinion?
      Well, we know only too well, in Nazi Germany you could get severely punished for voicing publicly an opinion the government did not like. In war there is no freedom of speech. This is why some governments seem to prefer war to peace.
      In the Catholic Church we say: Peace be with you! I appreciate your honesty,Emu, and I wish you all the best. Please, find it in your heart to be kind to ordinary Moslems. Do not hate them unless you have definite proof that they are involved in criminal activities punishable by law.
      I find it very sad that we in the Australian society should all of a sudden hate everyone who is a little bit different from us. I look back to the days when the Australian society was very tolerant. Please God, that this may be so soon again.

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