Early morning on the 30th Oct 2014
Early morning on the 30th Oct 2014




















Early yesterday morning Peter and I went for a lovely walk. The above pictures are from that walk. Today is the last day of October – HALLOWEEN! Some years ago there would always some children come to the door to “trick or treat”. They do not come any more. Why? I suppose they did grow up over the years. But why have not any other children taken their place?





These Irises looked beautiful when they were fresh.
These Irises looked beautiful when they were fresh.

6 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN 2014

  1. Dear Aunty Uta:

    These pics are great. I love seeing Peter on the swing.

    Did you get my follow-up e-mail with additional questions for your guest post on children’s favorite books? If not, I’ve included them in this comment, which you can delete to protect your privacy, and please e-mail your answers directly to me at cardamonefive@gmail.com

    1) Could you provide a brief bio on yourself? How were books impacted by the tumultuous events of your childhood (WW2)…were they as accessible, did you buy them or take them out of the library, where there any that were censored, were certain people not allowed access to books? Did your father’s absences impact your reading?

    2) I would love to know more about your little brother…are you still close, what happened to him, what was his name, etc.

    3) Von einem der auszog das Fürchten zu lernen (someone who journeyed to learn to be scared) You provided a translation, and that the book was scary, but can you elaborate a bit. Perhaps a specific example of how it was scary, if it kept you awake at night, etc.

    4) I love what you say about illustrations’ appeal to children. Certainly, though, there are illustrated books that are not as appealing. Is there a style of illustration or specific illustrated book that was particularly appealing and why?

    5) By cartoon books, do you mean illustrated books or comic books? I know my kids love a series called Big Nate, which is basically a comic book. While I don’t mind them reading Big Nate, I also encourage them to read books with more text and less illustrations. How do you feel about that given your opinion on illustrations? Do you think, as I do, that the older the kids are, the less illustrations there should be OR do you think it matters, as long as the kid is reading? Also, do you have any opinion on popular newspaper cartoons such as Charlie Brown that have become such an indelible part of our broader culture (at least in America.) My family watches all of the Charlie Brown special before each holiday: Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

    6) As a German living in Australia, do you have an opportunity to notice differences in popular children’s books? Are there some that cross the language barrier and are popular in both countries?

    7) As the matriarch of a multi-generational family, are there any additional common threads or differences you notice in favorite children’s books? You allude to the importance of illustrations. Perhaps this is where you can elaborate on that point.

    I appreciate the additional elaboration.


    1. Yes, Elizabeth, Peter always loves to have a swing. Reminds him of his childhood! Hope halloween turned out to be a very enjoyable occasion for you. 🙂

  2. Like those great trees in your pics Uta.
    Peter on the swings looks like he is swinging back into his childhood.
    We had half a dozen teenagers here for halloween, they were exchange students from Chile, whom we had already met, they dressed up well for the occassion.

    1. That’s about right, Ian, Peter swinging back into his childhood! 🙂
      Sounds you had a fun halloween. Are there any pictures of the occasion?
      At our place nothing much happened. In the 1970s out kids used to dress up for the occasion. Then they grew out of it. 🙂

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