Favorite Children Books: Part 4

7 Nov

I also thank you very much, Elizabeth. What Evelyne wrote is very interesting and I want to reblog it. We own the book THE LITTLE PRINCE by Saint-Exupery. I plan on spending some time with it asap. Looking forward to it!

Breaking the Cycle 716

The next installment of Favorite Children’s Books is hosted by Evelyne Holingue, a published author who grew up in France and raised her children in America.  Like Aunty Uta, Evelyne’s multicultural experience lends an interesting perspective to this topic.

Tell us about yourself, Evelyne!

I had never been to the USA when the young man I met in Paris told me that he would love to live there one day. Unlike me he had been there many times, visiting both coasts extensively. Honestly, I didn’t really think about his American dreams until one night, shortly after we got married, he told me that we should go. I remember excitement and anxiety stirring inside me, working at the making of a totally foreign stew.

Retrospectively, I’m glad I agreed. Saying no to the dreams of the man I love would have been hard.  Now that we have been living in the…

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