UTA’s DIARY, SATURDAY 15th November 2014







It turned out several family members could come to visit us on Saturday. Caroline had baked a cheese-cake after having gone shopping with Matthew for the ingredients. The cake had just come out of the oven when Ryan and Ebony arrived with Lucas and Baby Alexander. A bit later also Monika and Mark came for afternoon coffee.

Caroline and Matthew had come with us to Dapto on Friday night. Saturday night they went back home to their place in Sydney. Caroline’s Graduation Ceremony had been on Thursday. Wednesday afternoon Peter and I had been arriving in Sydney where we went with Caroline and Matthew to a performance at the Griffin Theatre. We saw EMERALD CITY, a play by David Williamson. On Saturday morning Matthew went for some exams at Wollongong University. Matthew is going to keep working at IKU. And he is going to do some more post graduate studies next year, whereas Caroline stopped working at IKU and started now her full time work at the Griffin Theatre.

Peter and I enjoyed spending a few days in Sydney and being guests at Caroline’s graduation ceremony. Later on that Thursday some of Caroline’s and Matthew’s friends came over. We then celebrated with sparkling wine and snacks.

At the University of New South Wales on Thursday, 13th Nov 2014
At the University of New South Wales on Thursday, 13th Nov 2014

2 thoughts on “UTA’s DIARY, SATURDAY 15th November 2014

    1. Thanks, Ian. Last week was pretty busy for us: Theatre Wed night, on Thursday Graduation Ceremony, lunch at a special place and later celebrating with friends, on Friday visit to the beach and driving back to Dapto later in the evening, eating some gelato and excellent old fashioned hamburgers on the way, and on Saturday the family visiting.
      We had a really good time! 🙂

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