My Parents

5 Feb


May 1935 in Berlin Baby Uta with her Dad May 1935 in Berlin
Baby Uta with her Dad

This is a reflection on my parents. Their marriage their frequent separations, their divorce, how they related to us children, their interests, their friends or partners, Dad’s second marriage.

When I was about fifteen, Mum introduced ‘Bambi’ into our lives. ‘Bambi’ was Herr Burghoff aka Tomscick. Of course only Mum called him ‘Bambi’. To us children he was ‘Herr Burghoff’. We did not have any problem with this. Later on I found out that Dad had a problem with calling him by his adopted new name. Dad insisted on calling him ‘Tomscick’.

Here is a conversation I had with Dad when I was about eighteen:

It was June 1953. I was on a one week leave from FLEUROP and had used this, my very first vacation, to visit Dad in Düsseldorf.

‘The boys told me that Tomscik never shared his…

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One Response to “My Parents”

  1. auntyuta February 5, 2015 at 4:34 pm #

    This is a reblog of something that I published on the 7th of September 2013. Actually I now filled up my pages a little bit with some of my blogs. Today for instance I included the above blog about my parents in one of the ‘CHILDHOOD MEMORY’ pages.

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