Last Sunday of March 2015


Today is Palm Sunday. Another year gone. I took the top picture several years ago. Today I did not take any pictures at the church. But it was pretty impressive again how many people turned up for the Mass. For Easter there are probably going to be even more people at the church.

Yesterday we went by train to Sydney for a matinee at the GRIFFIN THEATRE.

We were lucky that Caroline could meet us again for lunch at the Mad Pizza place were we had been once before. It is quite convenient to go there for the GRIFFIN THEATRE is close by.  The play we were to see was CARESS/ACHE by SUZIE MILLER.





Before the start of the performance we had some time to sit in a little park area near the theatre. Here I have the play’s program in my hand. This play shows quite a few problems that people in our society can come up with. The actors were very good as it turned out, showing so much heartache.
There really was not much joy in the lives of the characters on stage.

But back to the little park where Peter took some pictures with his tablet.





These regulations apply to this little park.
These regulations apply to this little park.

10 thoughts on “Last Sunday of March 2015

    1. Yes, Gerard, Peter and Caroline had among other things some meat on their pizza. I went for vegetarian. I love it that they give you a lot of greens with the pizza.

  1. I found the following about the play on the Griffin Theatre website.

    27 FEBRUARY – 11 APRIL 2015
    “Touch my skin, go on, feel it, feel the heat of me. Hit me, scratch me, feel the pulse of me.”

    Monday – Friday 7pm
    Saturday 2pm and 7pm

    A brilliant surgeon can no longer bear to touch the living. Two voices connect fleetingly over the phone. A desperate mother begs to embrace her son one last time. A young woman seeks atonement.

    Disparate lives interweave, intersect, collide and connect in the most unexpected of ways in Caress/Ache. This is our world – where some long for the electrical charge of human contact, others flee it, and lives turn on the smallest moments of random intimacy.

    With Caress/Ache, Suzie Miller proves herself a most fearless playwright, revealing humanity in all its messy complexity. She is perfectly matched by director Anthony Skuse.

    Please note that this production contains some nudity.

    Supported and developed by the National Theatre Studio (London).

      1. Thanks for this link, Peter. I like what you say in your Berlioz-Post about Suzie Miller’s play and about the leitmotif of the play: Touch!

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