Some experimental Photos before Easter 2015


Yesterday, on Easter Thursday, Peter and I took some experimental photos for Easter. But  first I want to show a couple of photos from last Monday. A few ladies of our complex came over for afternoon tea.



These two books are for Alex and Lucas.


Jenni, our neighbour, gave us this flower from her garden.
Jenni, our neighbour, gave us this flower from her garden.







Last week the Homestead people did renew part of the path in front of our house. It was done by the Body Cooperative for security reasons, for after a plumbing job some time ago that piece of concrete had sunk. They broke the old piece of concrete up completely renewing it with new concrete and then painting it over.




Last Tuesday Peter had his eye operation. The morning after the operation he had to see his eye specialist in Figtree who was pleased that Peter could see all right after the operation. We had to go to Figtree by bus for Peter was not allowed to drive yet. We were happy that this time the operation went quite well. But Peter has to insert an enormous number of different eye-drops which keeps him pretty busy.

8 thoughts on “Some experimental Photos before Easter 2015

    1. Barbara, it gives us pleasure to play around with a few Easter decorations, 🙂
      Peter’s drop regime unfortunately is never finished. For quite a few years now he’s always been using a number of eye-drops. Before and after the op he needed additional ones.

  1. Good that Peter’s eye operation went well. I am curious what he had done. As you might remember I had an eye operation to straighten out my macular of the right eye. I think it was called a vitrectomy. I don’t have to take any drops but my sight did not improve.

    1. Hi Gerard. Peter had another cataract op, this time on the left eye. He has also glaucoma problems. To keep it in check, he needs a lot of eye-drops. I have a macular hole in the left eye. An op in 2001 was not successful. Therefore I am blind in that eye since then. Last year I did not want to undergo another eye-test to keep my driver’s license. So I gave up driving. Yesterday the bus drove us back from Figtree to Dapto where we did some shopping at Aldi’s and then back home by taxi.
      We hope it won’t rain too much over Easter so that great-grandson Lucas can go on an Easter eggs hunt. Alex is still too little for this, being just six months.

  2. Pleased for Peter that he can see well again after the cataract op and will soon be driving again. You will be very popular at easter, with all those lovely things for the children!

    1. I don’t know, Catt, why this time the op went so much better than the op on the other eye. Maybe all these extra drops helped! Peter could already see clearly when he saw the doctor on Wednesday morning. He asked whether he could drive on Saturday, just locally. She checked some of his vision again and then said, all right, but to let her know if anything changed in the meantime.
      We did not do all the shopping for Easter yet. So we want to drive to our local shopping centre very early in the morning, today Saturday, before the big rush there. 🙂

  3. Hope your enjoying Easter Uta, great Easter themed pics, hope Peter’s eyes on the mend, Ana recently was diagnosed with acute glaucoma, a number of weeks with drops every two hours to bring the pressure down, followed by two lots of lazer treatments with more drops on drops, unfortunately she will need drops for the rest of her life, hope it was only cataracts with Peter, Cheers.

    1. I am afraid, Ian, Peter has glaucoma as well. He has it in both eyes and has used eye drops for more than ten years. Lazer treatments for glaucoma have not been offered to him so far. Peter’s cataract op went well this time. He can already do a bit of car driving.
      Sorry to hear about Ana’s eye problems. Hope the treatment is going to bring some relief.
      Hope you and Ana can somewhat enjoy Easter!
      Cheers, Uta and Peter

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