Tuesday, the 7th of April 2015

Peter and I went on a morning walk today. We went along the footpath in Lakelands Park.




Large  leaves but no more berries
Large leaves but no more berries


In November last year we saw here heaps of mulberries! You can see them here:



This house on that hill fascinates me. I already took a picture of it  the other day. Today I took another picture and cropped it, so the house becomes a bit more visible!





Peter took the last three pictures.

Not so long ago Peter and I drove up Mount Brown to have a look at the new sub-divisions. A lot of buildings have already gone up there.  People who buy a block of land  there have a beautiful view towards the lake.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, the 7th of April 2015

  1. Nice pictures and a nice walk. We did too and afterwards had a nice lunch with our daughter and one of her sons in Bowral. This morning in Bowral a serious 6c which was the same as in Holland and in Venice.

    1. We still eat left-overs from Easter Sunday, Gerard, The left-over meat is in the freezer, but there were quite a few vegies to be eaten and Peter did get some fried Strassbourg (from Aldi) to go with it. Peter did not want to eat any mutton (lamb) again.
      6 C, this sounds like winter has arrived! Dapto is a bit cooler now too, but still not much below 20 during the night. Holland and Venice should have warmer temperatures by now, especially Venice!
      Our walk was very enjoyable. I’m glad we took time out to do it. 🙂

  2. Einen schönen Dienstag liebe Ute auch schöne Fotos,war bei deinen Mann auf den Blog schöne Bilder wir sind ein paar Tage an der Ahr das Wetter wir was besser und es wird Wärmer.Lieber Gruß von mir und große Umarmung Gislinde

    1. Liebe Grüsse zurück, liebe Gislinde. Wir hatten am Ostersonntag sehr schönes Wetter. Das konntest du sicher aus den Bildern ersehen, die Peter in seinen Blog gemacht hat. Danke für den Besuch. Wünsche euch recht schönes Wetter an der Ahr.
      Best wishes, Uta 🙂

  3. Interesting house on the hill Uta, having a look at it close up it certainly is modern design and large, someone with money has bought that view I think.

    1. Anybody buying up there in the new division definitely has a great view, hope all the greenery and trees are not removed in the establishment of the new estate.

    1. We were extremely lucky with the weather on Easter Sunday, Robert. The day before it had been raining buckets and Easter Monday was soon very cloudy with thunderstorms. The last couple of days the temperature dropped quite a bit and today, Wednesday, is very cold and windy and hardly any sun. So, I guess this is April for you!
      Hope you’re going to have some fine weather soon. 🙂

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