Berlin in 2010


Going for a walk close to where we lived in Berlin-Wedding in June 2010. This is: Am Brunnenplatz in Pankstrasse.


This was on a nice warm day in June. Our first outing was on the 31st of May to the Brandenburg Gate. On that day it was still horribly cold and windy!


A lot of places we could reach by underground.
A lot of places we could reach by underground.
Here I am with Peter's sister Ilse.
Here I am with Peter’s sister Ilse.
At Ilse's place with Klaudia
At Ilse’s place with Klaudia
Entrance to Ilse's Apartment
Entrance to Ilse’s Apartment
Ilse at her Computer
Ilse at her Computer


There's a balcony attached to Ilse's kitchen where I liked to sit.
There’s a balcony attached to Ilse’s kitchen where I liked to sit.

6 thoughts on “Berlin in 2010

  1. I like the underground in Berlin. It really takes you anywhere. You never have to wait long for the next train, about two minutes. With picture with me (second from the top) shows the St.Paul’s Church not far from that little park. You should have chosen a picture showing the full church too. It was designed and build by the great Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

  2. Lovely impressions from Berlin, Uta! I was in Berlin last year, gosh what a busy city! πŸ™‚
    Wishing you all a good start in the new week,
    Dina, Klausbernd, Siri and Selma x

    1. Hello, Dina! We started the week with a real lot of rain. But so far we are not flooded yet. πŸ™‚ Berlin is a busy city. This is our experience too.
      Cheerio, Uta
      Wishing all of you a good week!

  3. Hello, I have always been curious about Berlin. I have never visited Germany, but read so much about it’s history. Fascinating part of the world. Thank you for the glimpse. I enjoy your posts.

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