How do you protect people?

How do you protect people in times of war and upheaval? The German magazine DER SPIEGEL published an opinion piece by Maximilian Popp on this subject. I think the so called “first world” faces a huge problem with more and more displaced people from zones of war and upheaval seeking asylum and a better life. What can humanely be done? How can we suppose that a certain percentage of human beings can be just ignored and left to drown or be killed in zones of  terrible upheavals?

4 thoughts on “How do you protect people?

  1. The trend towards increasing wars and the displacement of civilian populations can only increase so long as we allow a tiny absolute class absolute control over our political systems. War is one of the most profitable industries there is. So long as we allow profiteers to run our world, our lives will be more and more impacted by warfare and its devastating consequences.

      1. The deliberate targeting of civilian populations should be declared a crime against humanity. I wished our politicians would show some courage in speaking out against all this! Hopefully some changes in politics are still possible.

      2. It is a crime against humanity under the Geneva Convention. But because the US is still the world’s most powerful nation – and refuses to sign up to the International Criminal Court – this is never enforced.

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