What the EU must do now to halt this tragedy on its shores


“How much is a human life worth? How many more people have to die to generate enough momentum for Europe to intervene? Unfortunately these are not rhetorical questions. More than 1,500 people have drowned or gone missing in the Mediterranean on their way from North Africa since the start of 2015.

Many Europeans are wondering how much longer Europe can ignore the tragedy unfolding on its doorstep while politicians and policy makers weigh up the political and economic cost of saving lives at sea.

. . . . . .   ”

Please go to the above link to read more about what Nando says about the tragedy on Europe’s shores.

4 thoughts on “What the EU must do now to halt this tragedy on its shores

  1. I think it’s pretty self-evident that the lives of politically refugees are worth nothing to the political elite who run the EU. That being said, I think the international publicity over this issue can be used to shame them into restoring funding for Italy’s excellent Mare Nostrum program which expired last year.

    1. Oh yes, Stuart, the Italians Mare Nostrum program was excellent but became too expensive for Italy in the long run. That the EU did not decide to help the Italians with the funding of Mare Nostrum is disgusting! To finally start funding it should be welcomed by everyone. It would also be good, if all the EU countries decided to accept a certain number of these refugees by establishing suitable accommodation as well as job training for them. I am sure there are some bright people among these migrants who could be beneficial for the European economy when they are eventually gainfully employed or even able to establish their own businesses. 🙂

    1. The way I see it, Gerard, is that so far they have copied what Australians do quite a bit by not going to the aid of distressed vessels. Ignoring the presence of these boats in the Mediterranean and letting people drown did not stop more and more desperate people from going on these boats.

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